Here is the complete track listing for Therion’s thirteenth full-length musical album Sitra Ahra”, set for release in the US on October 26, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. It will be the first studio release since Gothic Kabbalah in 2007 and will be the last part of the quadrilogy, comprised of Deggial, Sirius B, Lemuria and Sitra Ahra.

Complete Tracklisting

1. "Introduction/Sitra Ahra"

2. "Kings of Edom"

3. "Unguentum Sabbati"

4. "Land of Canaan"

5. "Hellequin"

Therion, Sitra Ahra, cd, new, album, box, art 6. "2012"

7. "Cú Chulainn"

8. "Kali Yuga Part 3"

9. "The Shells Are Open"

10. "Din"

11. "After the Inquisition: Children of the Stone"

Therion - "Kings of Edom"

Video Therion - Sitra Ahra

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