Andy is departing for college, and his toys, including Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen), are going to be put in the attic. Before they can be put in the attic, they are accidentally thrown away and are picked up by the garbage men. The toys find themselves at a local day-care center, where they must try to survive the playful but careless pre-school children. Read more information, please visit: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 Movie Clip ABC First Look

toy story 3, movie, poster, posters, pixar, animation, walt disney pictures

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Fast Food Panic is a simulation video game published by SouthPeak Games for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Fast Food Panic is set to be released on January 05, 2009. In the game, create the best restaurant in the world by cooking up yummy dishes, making your customers happy, greeting them when they stop by, and keeping your restaurant squeaky clean in this vibrant and fast-paced restaurant simulation game. Keeping a top-quality restaurant takes a lot of work, and your waitress will need help keep the place clean, make deliveries, ring up customers, and more. Also features three difficulty levels, over 10 additional cooking mini-games, and Free Mode to replay completed levels and try for the top score.

Fast Food Panic game trailer

Fast Food Panic, wii, video, game
Fast Food Panic game features:

Work against the clock to turn your restaurant into the best in the world.

Beyond cooking minigames - Juggle making delicious food, keeping everything spotless, greeting customers, and helping your waitress to improve your restaurant's popularity.

Prepare yummy dishes including steaks, pasta, burgers, pizza and more.

Take care of VIP customers who will push your service and cooking skills to the limit.

Replay each level from Story Mode in Free Mode and challenge your high score.

Unlock more than 10 fun cooking mini-games to further hone your skills.

Three levels of difficulty for beginners and master chefs alike.

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The mystery of the Tunguska event from the original game has been resolved, and playable characters Nina Kalenkov and Max Gruber have split up. Nina embarks on a cruise to Portugal and Max travels to Indonesia, but their separation does not last long. There has been an escalation of natural disasters around the world, and Nina's father Vladimir Kalenkov has been called upon to find out what is causing them. Read more information about the video game, please visit: PC Game: Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis

The Minimum System Requirements For Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis:

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800MHz or compatible CPU
Memory: 256 MByte
Hard Drive: 2 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): 32MB AGP or PCI Express, DirectX 9 compatible
DirectX: DirectX 9.0

Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis gameplay video:

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Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis is an adventure video game developed by Fusionsphere Systems and published by Deep Silver for the PC (also available on Nintendo Wii and DS). Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis is set to be released on January 15, 2010. In the game, Whilst her ex-boyfriend and scientist Max is witness to inexplicable natural catastrophes during his research into ancient Indonesian temples, Nina immerses herself, together with a Catholic priest called David Korell, deeply into the secrets of a fanatical brotherhood that prophesises the end of the world. They soon have to ask themselves what the connection is between the prophesised apocalypse and a sinister leader of an Order from the Middle Ages. Can the knowledge that lies buried in the past prevent the catastrophes that loom in the future? And what power is hidden in a thousand year-old document, for which people are still murdered for today? A terrible secret awaits her – and the world is on the brink of a shocking future.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis game video

Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis, video, game, pc, windowsSecret Files 2 Puritas Cordis game features:

Point & Click adventure for PC.

Official sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska, one of the most successful point & click adventure on PC in 2006.

Spectacular graphics, cutscenes of cinematic quality.

Four sometimes cooperatively playable characters.

Professional acting.

Easy controls with the innovative optional Snoop Key puzzle help.

System Requirements For Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis.

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Treasure Island is an 3D adventure video game developed by The Adventure Company and published by Radon Labs for the PC. The game is based on the classic bestseller novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The game combines traditional, simple Point and Click controls and gameplay with breathtaking real-time 3D graphics and SFX. The quests range from simple switches, mini-games, item-combination etc. to complex logical and dialogue-driven tasks. Read more information about the game, please visit: PC Game: Treasure Island

The Minimum System Requirements For Treasure Island:

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz
Memory: 1.5 GB
Hard Drive: 15 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): 64 MB DirectX? 9 Compatible Video Card
Sound: 16-bit DirectX Compatible

Treasure Island gameplay video

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Treasure Island is an 3D adventure video game developed by The Adventure Company and published by Radon Labs for the PC. The game is based on the classic bestseller novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The game combines traditional, simple Point and Click controls and gameplay with breathtaking real-time 3D graphics and SFX. The quests range from simple switches, mini-games, item-combination etc. to complex logical and dialogue-driven tasks. In the game, in his father's inn 17 years old Jim Hawkins haply discovers an old treasure map of the legendary Captain Flint. Jim and a handful of trusted men set sail to find the buried treasure. But some crew members have their own plans and once they reached the mysterious island a thrilling hunt begins... R.L. Stevenson's swashbuckling tale of heroes and villains is one of the most popular adventure stories of all time. The unforgettable characters from young Jim Hawkins to Long John Silver, have become embedded in popular imagination as the "mother" of all Pirate-stories and inspired countless myths as well as the latest blockbuster pirate-movies.

Treasure Island gameplay video

Treasure Island game features:

The premium package of 3D and Point and Click: traditional adventure gameplay and controls for optimal lucidity and ease of use combined with a striking 3D art design and outstanding realtime visuals.

Exciting storyline based on the novel by Robert L. Stevenson featuring all the well-known characters and locations.

Treasure Island, pc, game, videoChallenging Puzzle design perfectly balanced between combination quests, dialogue-driven and logical tasks.

Innovative 3D inventory - implemented into the puzzle design- allows detailed investigation of any item by zooming and turning.

Easy item combination by simple drag and drop commands.

State of the art Special FX: realtime light- and shadow effects, weather effects(storm, rain etc.), day/night changes, particle effects (dust, smoke, fire etc.).

Atmospheric sound setting, impressive orchestral soundtrack and premium voiceovers.

3D Characters animated with the latest motion capture technology.

Quest-related special-animations and spectacular ingame cutscenes.

System Requirements For Treasure Island

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Canada Hunt is a hunting video game published by Maximum Family Games for the PC (Microsoft Windows). It is a fully three-dimensional hunting simulation game. More realistic than any other hunting game, it features lifelike animals in their natural environments. Takes you through specialized training and bonus features that players of all levels - from the beginner to the most hard core hunter - will enjoy. Includes ultra-realistic: Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Wild Turkeys, and Critter Cam.

Canada Hunt, video, game, pcCanada Hunt game features:

Includes ammo and gear selection and custom hunter preferences.

Go after whitetail deer in Saskatchewan.

Hunt spring gobblers in the low country of South Carolina.

Target elk in the Colorado Rockies.

Features Arcade Mode for faster-paced shooting action.

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Mytran Wars is a strategy video game developed by Stormregion and published by Strategy for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). In the game, it's the 23rd century: The earth's natural resources are virtually exhausted and the ruling multinational conglomerates are searching for new raw material deposits in space in order to avert the impending catastrophe. One planet turns out to be a real El Dorado, full of natural resources. But as the human conquerors in their armed mecha encounter the extraterrestrial inhabitants a dreadful war breaks out.

In this strategy title, the player researches into new technologies and continues to re-arm his mecha in Mytran Wars. Battles are thereby fought in vast 3D landscapes against the merciless AI or other human opponents in various multiplayer modes.

Mytran Wars PSP Opening and Gameplay Video Part1

Mytran Wars PSP Opening and Gameplay Video Part2

Mytran Wars, video, game, psp, sonyMytran Wars game features:

Riveting plot full of twists and turns that plunges the player deep into the game's unique universe

Diverse missions and tasks with every level offering new challenges and new situations

Easy-to-use base management system where players can research new technologies

3D graphics with free camera movement

Different, story-driven, immersive campaigns with two highly different, well balanced playable sides

Comic-style cut scenes with a catching atmosphere

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In the Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition), packed full of content and enormous gameplay and engine advancements, TS2010 is by far the best train simulator on the market to date! New locomotives, routes and sessions provide gorgeous detail and fun gameplay

The Minimum System Requirements For Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition):

Operating System: Windows XP (SP3)
Processor: Intel Pentium D 3.4GHz (or equivalent)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 15 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): nVidia Geforce 7200/128MB (or equivalent)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

The Recommended Requirements For Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition):

Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows 7 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)
Memory: 2 GB or higher
Hard Drive: 1.6 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): nVidia Geforce 8600 (or equivalent)
Hard Drive: 15 GB Free
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition gameplay video

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Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition) is a simulation video game developed by Auran for the PC. Build and operate the railroad of your dreams. Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition of (TS2010) includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a steam railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged 100+ mile prototypical route; the choice is yours.

Drive... Steam, Diesel or Electric trains (and even trams, boats and cars)
Operate... a complete working rail line with interactive industries
Build... and customize your own living railroad
Share... your creations and your passion with other rail fans

Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition) game trailer

Trainz Simulator 2010, Engineers Edition, video, game, pcTrainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition) game features:

Tutorial Sessions

Customizable Menu System

Different Routes

Seasonal Asset Support

Backward Compatible with TS2009 Content

System Requirements For Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition)

For more information, please visit:

for more information “PC Game: Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition)”

In the Clash of the Titans, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Neeson) and unleash hell on Earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.

Clash of the Titans movie trailer 2

Clash of the Titans , movie, poster

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Darksiders is an action video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ for the Sony PlayStation 3. Darksiders is set to be released on January 5, 2010. In the game, the player takes on the role of War, one of the four legendary Horsemen of the apocalypse; the apocalypse has just taken place prematurely, and the world destroyed, and War finds himself tasked to find out who was behind this; caught in a battle between angels and demons, he has lost much of his power, and must find out where the other horsemen are, and who misled them into starting the final battle.

In Darksiders, Heaven and Hell are at odds and war with one another constantly. To preserve the balance; a mediator group, The Charred Council, sends their chosen warriors, The Four Horsemen, to kill Heaven and Hell's hordes until a truce is formed between the two rivaling kingdoms. Eons after the truce, a third kingdom is formed, the race of man. The Charred Council foresees that man will be a major factor in the role of Heaven and Hell. As such, a final war between Man, Heaven and Hell would be decided during a specific time: once the Seven Sacred Seals have been broken.

Darksiders: Behind the Scenes video

Darksiders, ps3, video, gameDuring the present time, Armageddon begins on earth. Fire, with feuding angels and demons inside, fill the sky and land on earth destroying buildings and humans in their wake. During all the chaos, War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, lands on earth to bring order to the final battle at hand. While he fights both angels and demons, he begins to lose his powers. Upon his confrontation with Abaddon, the general of Heaven's army, he discovers that the other Horsemen have not arrived and the Seventh Seal had not been opened.

Straga, one of the Destroyer's Chosen, arises from the ground and kills Abbadon in front of War and Uriel, Abbadon's second in command. In retaliation, War battles Straga, but in his weakened state,he is killed. Upon his death, he is sent to The Charred Council and discovers that he is blamed for bringing the Apocalypse early. The Council sentences him to death but War pleads to be sent back to earth and find the one responsible for bringing on the Final Battle early. The Council agrees but on the condition that he is shackled to one of their keepers, The Watcher, who has the power to kill War in case he strays away from his mission.

Upon returning to earth, War discovers that he has been gone about 100 years and that all of the humans have died or become zombies from Hell winning the final Battle.

Darksiders game features:

Experience the Godlike Power of WAR - Combining brutal attacks, supernatural abilities and seamless traversal, delivering intense action combat and epic adventure, set in an immersive demon ravaged world.

Open World Exploration - Each open world hub offers players the freedom to explore and make their own game-experience.

Extreme Arsenal of Weapons - Unleash WAR's fury with an expansive arsenal of weapons, from the fantasy oriented to the modern and the ability to use virtually anything within your environment as a weapon.

Increase or unlock new abilities - Customized to your gameplay style. Build up WARs Wrath powers and unleash them in spectacular attacks -- or collect Soul Cores to increase or unlock new abilities.

Horseman of the Apocalypse - Gain the services of RUIN, WAR's phantom steed, blazing a trail through enemies across devastated environments.

Graphic Novel Art Style - Joe Madureira's (X-Men, Battle Chasers, The Ultimates) unique visual art style and original storyline.

Cinematic Gameplay Experience - Harnessing the power of next-generation console systems, Darksiders: Wrath of War will immerse players in a rich cinematic gameplay experience - featuring beautiful graphics, detailed special effects, cinematic lighting and an epic musical score that compliments the in-game action.

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Darksiders Game Soundtrack

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Fable 2 Platinum Hits is a RPG video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. Fable 2 Platinum Hits is set to be released on January 5, 2010. Set 500 years after the original game, Fable 2 offers even more choices and features, while building on the core gameplay theme of Fable where every choice continually defines who you become, allowing you to truly live the life you choose. Fable II expands upon the scope and depth of the original by adding incredible new features and creating a wider, more complex kingdom of limitless choices and consequences. Players will have the option to play as a man or woman, get married, have children, and live a life of their own design -- all leading to different destinies. Fable 2 Platinum Hits includes more quests, more locations and more choices.

Fable 2 Platinum Hits, xbox, video, gameFable 2 Platinum Hits game features:

A land far, far away. Gamers will revisit the newly expanded world of Albion more than 500 years after the events of the original “Fable,” where they are free to explore the landscape and openly roam the countryside. For the right price, every house, hut, dungeon and castle is for sale. Players can witness how the world grows and changes in response to their decisions in incredible and unique ways as they rediscover Albion as if for the first time.

Fight with ease. “Fable II” pioneers a new combat system designed to allow players to truly master hand weapons such as swords and maces, ranged combat weapons such as crossbows and guns, and an entirely new magic system. These three disciplines, while very accessible, are also amazingly deep, and allow players to mix combat styles and become everything from master swordsman to skilled ranger to evil magic wielder, each using a different single button on the Xbox 360 Controller.

A hero’s best friend. This groundbreaking addition to the game is integral to the theme of unconditional love in “Fable II.” A player’s canine companion will act as friend, compass and protector. Players must merely feed their pooch and he will love unconditionally, creating a bond that sets up emotion-filled journeys throughout this magical world.

Experience the world together. For the first time in the “Fable” series, gamers can experience the expansive and immersive world of “Fable II” with friends, either on the same couch or over Xbox LIVE together in co-operative mode.2 “Fable II” embodies the new Xbox experience and will extend the Xbox LIVE service further with the introduction of orbs. Orbs allow for seamless LIVE co-op play and interaction with other “Fable II” players.

Xbox LIVE Arcade “Fable II” Pub Games earn major gold. Lionhead Studios is providing an unparalleled experience to gamers through Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamers can start earning in-game currency for the “Fable II” world in August 2008, before the game’s release to retail, by downloading and playing an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, which contains three casino-style minigames titled “Fortune’s Tower,” “Keystone” and “Spinnerbox.” Gamers can win items such as dog tricks, potions and chocolates; unlock 15 pieces of concept art; and use the gold earned to purchase weapons, armor and more in “Fable II.” This is a first-of-its-kind experience for gamers that can only be found on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Fable 2 Platinum Hits includes more quests, more locations and more choices.

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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) is based on an unreal conflict among the EU and the NRF. Gameplay is connected to several other online FPS, arms are purchased using the game currency in the store menu. From the store menu, purchases of a collection of arms, attachment, helmets and skill upgrades can be made. All of these have a permanence meter which lesser as they are utilized more in-game.

The Minimum System Requirements For Alliance of Valiant Arms:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 1.6 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): GeForce 6600 or Radeon X600 GPU with 128MB GRAM Shader Model 2 Required
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

The Recommended Requirements For Alliance of Valiant Arms:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or Dual Core 2.4Ghz, or higher
Memory: 2 GB or higher
Hard Drive: 1.6 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): GeForce 7600GT or Radeon HD 2900 GPU, with 256MB or higher Shader Model 3
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Alliance of valiant arms - gameplay video

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Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) is a first-person shooter video game published by NHN Games for the PC (Microsoft Windows). The game's key feature is its complex class system. Players can freely select from 3 classes based on the formation of friendly/enemy troops and as the combat status changes. Enjoy teamwork-based tactical combat experience by hunting for enemy's weakness while making up for your team's weak points through active tactical team formation enabled by class selection. Class Skills further enhances unique characteristics of each class and is obtained during the game by meeting certain requirements.

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) game video

System Requirements For Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA), video,game,pc

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Mortimer Beckett And The Time Paradox is an online adventure video game developed by Paprikari and published by RealArcade for the Web (also available on PC). Mortimer Beckett's back for an all-new, eye-popping adventure! Although Mortimer was able to get rid of the ghosts in his last outing, his Uncle Jerome's home is now host to another ominous challenge - a time portal! Even worse, the Time Bomb that Jerome built to close the portal has been scattered across eight different eras! Join Mortimer for a wild trip to find the scattered Time Bomb, put it back together, and close the portal before it's too late!

Mortimer Beckett And The Time Paradox gameplay video

Mortimer Beckett And The Time Paradox, video, game

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Knight & Day is an action comedy film directed by James Mangold. Cast: Tom Cruise as Roy Miller, Cameron Diaz as June Havens, Maggie Grace, Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Dano and Viola Davis. Knight & Day is set to be released on July 2, 2010 by 20th Century Fox. The movie is centered on a fugitive couple (Cruise and Diaz) on a glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure where nothing and no one – even themselves – are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.

Knight & Day HD movie trailer

Knight & Day, movie, poster

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VIVA Fighter is an online action RPG video game developed and published by Sonov Entertainment for the PC. The game focuses on user’s competition as all battle to become the best monster-hunter.

VIVA Fighter game features:

Speedy 2D side-scroll system

PvP system similar to 2D-fighting action game

Embodiment of community system such as 'MySpace' through personal spaces

Familiar game style / easy controls

Battle actions of many monsters

Astonishing strike-sensation from aerial combos and splendid skills

Room system that shows each individuals style

Trades between users that use rune which can be...

Minimum System Requirements For VIVA Fighter

Processor: Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz/AMD 2500
Memory: 512MB or more
Hard Drive: 800Mb Free space
Video Card (graphics): Geforce 5700/ATI 9550 or better Multiplayer Functions

VIVA Fighter game video

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Little Shop Road Trip is a puzzle online video game developed and published by GameHouse for the Web (also available on PC and Mac). In the game, set off on the road to fun with this all-new hidden object adventure from the creators of the popular Little Shop of Treasures series. Time to take a break from running your shops, hit the road, and search stunning scenes from Seattle to South Beach on your quest to collect rare and exclusive items for your Little Shops back home. Complete 16 challenging road trips and unlock new bonus rounds and Blitz modes. Featuring two great game modes, thousands of cleverly hidden objects, over 100 levels of original gameplay, and miles and miles of family fun, Little Shop - Road Trip is an incredible journey of breath-taking sights. Grab the keys to success today!

Little Shop Road Trip game video

Little Shop Road Trip, video, game, online, web

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Space Trader Wars is an action online multiplayer video game developed and published by HermitWorks for the Web. In the far future, humanity is ruled by The Ministry of Accounts, an oppressive bureaucracy that tracks, records and taxes every transaction of daily life. From the depths of Red Tape, a new breed of marketeer arises to challenge the authority and make a profit: the Space Trader is born! It is the game that has you competing against other privateers directly, fighting it out with live ammo and nothing held back. It's kill or be killed out there -- never let your guard down.

Space Trader Wars game video

Space Trader Wars, video, game, web

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Asgard Heroes is an action online video game developed and published by Evolution Vault for the Web. In Asgard Heroes, far away in the galaxy an alien species prepares intensively for a full-scale galactic war with unknown enemies. As a future Fleet Commander, your skills and limits are put to the test, by being willingly stranded on an abandoned colony. You have to rebuild the existing structures, research new technologies and challenge your other brothers, who apparently have the same task as you do: to prove themselves worthy.

Asgard Heroes game features:

Expand from underground to the planetary surface and, finally, reach the stars

Research technologies that will allow you to move ahead of your competition

Carefully plan your defense, trade, spy, create treaties, forge alliances or wage wars

On the ground, your troops will travel to other planets through stargates

In space, powerful carriers will transport your ships, the harbingers of death

Rebuild your colony from the ashes to its fullest potential; prove yourself worthy

For more information, please visit:

Asgard Heroes, web game

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Eco Shooter Plant 530 is an action video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Wii. In Eco Shooter Plant 530, earth's empty cans have been brought to life by the Cannoids, an alien race determined to destroy the planet. Only Mack, a technician from the recycling facility Plant 530, stands in their way as Earth's last line of defense. Step into Mack's shoes in this guided first-person shooter as he takes on the invading aliens with only his trusty recycle cannon and a can-do attitude. Blast and vacuum (yes, vacuum) your way to victory, keeping in mind that every shot counts. Your ammo also doubles as your health, and every enemy you destroy leaves behind Can Energy that you can vacuum up and use as ammo. Uncomplicated controls (including optional use of the Wii Zapper™ accessory) give everyone the chance to save the planet, while advanced tactics like consecutive hit combos and the tough Challenge mode give even the best players a run for their money. Are you ready to step up and put a dent in their cans?

Eco Shooter Plant 530 game video

Eco Shooter Plant 530, wii, game

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Red Faction Guerrilla is a third-person shooter video game developed by G5 Entertainment and published by THQ Wireless for the mobile phone (also available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360). In Red Faction Guerrilla, lure by the rich veins of Martian ore, miner Alec Mason arrives on Mars hungry for a new life. But the promise of a brighter future for Mason quickly fades. Settlers are being driven from their homes and mining claims by greedy, Earth-based mega-corporations. The Red Faction represents the only hope for the scattered and demoralized Martian colonists. Mason's quest for a new life has become a battle for survival, and the fate of the planet now rests with him and the Red Faction.

Red Faction Guerrilla game video

Red Faction Guerrilla, mobile, game

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Snood Redood is a Puzzle video game developed and published by Monkey Gods for the mobile phone (also available on iPhone). Snood Redood introduces a tasty new generation of Snood games. That means all-new Snoodity, with redesigned characters and levels! This version includes three gameplay modes, multiple difficulty levels, and the ability to connect with Facebook. Get your Snood on in Story Mode, Classic Mode, and an all new Time Attack Mode! New magic Snoods, including Joker and Da Bomb, make puzzles and harder difficulty levels even more challenging.

Snood Redood game trailer

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a shooter video game developed and published by Glu Mobile for the mobile phone (also available on X360, PS3 and PC). Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 return to today's war front with the second chapter in the Modern Warfare series. Modern Warfare 2 continues the gripping and heart-racing action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game video

Publish Post

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, mobile, phone, game

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A Prophet is a crime film directed by Jacques Audiard. Cast: Tahar Rahim as Malik El Djebena, Niels Arestrup as Cesar Luciani, Alaa Oumouzoune as Rebelled prisoner, Adel Bencherif as Ryad, Gilles Cohen as Prof, Salem Kali as Le prisonnier mutin, Pascal Henault as Ceccaldi (un corse), Sonia Hell as Une matonne, Reda Kateb as Jordi, Jean-Philippe Ricci as Vettori and Jean-Emmanuel Pagni as Santi. A Prophet is set to be released on February 12, 2010 by Celluloid Dreams. In the movie, Malik El Djebena sentenced to six years in prison; he is alone in the world and can neither read nor write. On his arrival at the prison, he seems younger and more brittle than the others detained there. At once he falls under the sway of a group of Corsicans who enforce their rule in the prison. As the 'missions' go by, he toughens himself and wins the confidence of the Corsican group. Very quickly, Malik uses all his intelligence to discreetly develop his own network.

A Prophet HD movie trailer

A Prophet, movie, poster

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Furry Vengeance is a family /comedy film, directed by Roger Kumble and written by Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert. Cast: Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields, Dick Van Dyke, Ken Jeong and Samantha Bee. Furry Vengeance is set to be released on April 2, 2010 by Summit Entertainment. In the movie, an ambitious young real estate developer, Dan Sanders, faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. Led by an incredibly clever raccoon, the animals stymie the development and teach our hero about the environmental consequences of man’s encroachment on nature.

Furry Vengeance HD movie trailer

Furry Vengeance, movie, poster

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Marmaduke is a comedy / family film, directed by Tom Dey and written by Vince Di Meglio and Tim Rasmussen. Cast: Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Ron Perlman, Judy Greer, Anjelah Johnson, Lee Pace, Steve Coogan, William H. Macy, George Lopez, Stacy Ferguson, Damon Wayans Jr., David Walliams, Amanda Seyfried and Jeremy Piven. Marmaduke is set to be released on June 04, 2010 by 20th Century Fox. In the movie, a suburban family moves to a new neighborhood with their large yet lovable Great Dane, who has a tendency to wreak havoc in his own oblivious way.

Marmaduke HD movie trailer

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It's a Wonderful Afterlife is a comedy film, directed by Gurinder Chadha and written by Paul Mayeda Berges and Gurinder Chadha. Cast: Shabana Azmi, Sally Hawkins, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Zoe Wanamaker. It's A Wonderful Afterlifeis set to be released on April 2, 2010 by Bend It Films. It's A Wonderful Afterlife tells the story of a British-Asian mother whose obsession with marrying off her daughter has hilarious results. As each potential suitor meets a sticky end, in a series of curry-themed murders, policemen Mark Addy (The Full Monty) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) are brought in to investigate...

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Babies is a documentary film, directed by Thomas Balmes. Cast: Ponijao, Bayar, Maria Bello, Hattie. Babies is set to be released on May 7th, 2010 by Focus Features. The movie follows four babies around the world - from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.

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44 Inch Chest is a British drama film, directed by Malcolm Venville and written by Richard Brown and Steve Golin. Cast: Ray Winstone as a British gangster and jealous husband, Ian McShane as Meredith, John Hurt as Old Man Peanut, Tom Wilkinson as Archie, Stephen Dillane as Mal, Joanne Whalley as Liz and Melvil Poupaud as Loverboy. 44 Inch Chest is set to be released on January 15, 2010 (USA). The movie explores the masculine ego at breaking point, testing whether fear is stronger than love. Colin (Ray Winstone) is in agony, shattered by his wife’s (Joanne Whalley) infidelity. However, he has friends who do more than stand by; they kidnap his wife’s French lover and hold him prisoner so that Colin can restore his manhood with revenge.

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Cop Out is a comedy film written by brothers Mark Cullen and Robb Cullen and directed by Kevin Smith. Cast: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Ana de la Reguera, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollak, Jason Lee, Michelle Trachtenberg and Jim Norton. The film is set to be released on February 26, 2010 by Warner Bros. In the movie, two longtime NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card find themselves up against a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster. Jimmy (Bruce Willis) is the veteran detective whose missing collectible is his only hope to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, and Paul (Tracy Morgan) is his "partner-against-crime" whose preoccupation with his wife's alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep his eye on the ball.

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Frozen is a drama/thriller film written and directed by Adam Green. Cast : Shawn Ashmore as Lynch, Emma Bell as Parker, Kevin Zegers as Dan, Ed Ackerman as Jason, Rileah Vanderbilt as Shannon, Adam Johnson as Rifkin, Chris York as Ryan, Kane Hodder as Cody and Peder Melhuse as Driver. Frozen is set to be released on February 5, 2010 by Anchor Bay Entertainment. In the movie, a typical day on the slopes turns into a chilling nightmare for three snowboarders when they get stranded on the chairlift before their last run. As the ski patrol switches off the night lights, they realize with growing panic that they’ve been left behind dangling high off the ground with no way down. With the resort closed until the following weekend and frostbite and hypothermia already setting in, the trio is forced to take desperate measures to escape off the mountain before they freeze to death. Once they make their move, they discover with horror that they have much more to fear than just the frigid cold. As they combat unexpected obstacles, they start to question if their will to survive is strong enough to overcome the worst ways to die.

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Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is an action RPG video game developed by 2K Games and published by Gearbox Software for PC (also available on PS3 and Xbox 360). The game is the first add-on for Borderlands with new enemy types, new missions, and new ... surprises.

The Jakobs Corporation would like to invite you to experience the splendor of a corporate owned small town known as Jakobs Cove. Any rumors you may have heard about the "undead" walking our streets are completely preposterous and we officially deny them all. If those rumors turn out to be true simply purchase a firearm from the conveniently located Jakobs Brand Vending Machines and aim for the head. Also, would you mind saving our employees? (Non-union only please)

borderlands, pc, xbox, video, game, cover, posterGame features:

5 New Areas to Explore

Dozens of New Missions

New Enemies to Eviscerate

Minimum System Requirements For Borderlands The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: 2.4 Ghz or equivalent processor with SSE2 support
Memory: 1GB System RAM (2GB recommended with Vista)
Hard Drive: 8 GB or more free space
Video Card (graphics): 256mb video ram or better (GeForce 7 series or higher/Radeon HD3000 series or higher)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card

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Bittos is a puzzle video game developed by Unconditional Studios and published by Machine Studios for the Nintendo Wii (also available on PC). Bittos is set to be released in December 2009. The game challenges players to take control of a variety of shapes while guiding, rotating and placing them in just the right arrangement to construct happy, shiny squares, all the while being surrounded by relentlessly multiplying bad bits and pieces, previously neglected by the player. Squares? Yes, squares! The higher the player progresses, the more difficult the game becomes continuously testing the players' mettle with a mind shattering four stages of ten levels in eighty-two rounds.

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Bittos, nintendo, wii, gameBittos game features:

High score boards

A variety of real time reactive control methods

Multiple game modes to unlock

Unique game styles for both casual and hardcore gamers delivering a brand new experience in puzzle gaming

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Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame of the Winter Olympic Games, for the PlayStation 3 (also available on PC and Xbox), The game is set to be released on January 12, 2010. It is an authentic simulation of a host of events from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, focusing on the adrenalin rush that comes from the extreme speed of winter sports. Including an all new challenge mode, the game allows players to immerse themselves in the world’s greatest sporting event like never before.

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Game features:

A Thrilling First-Person Experience - Players feel the speed and adrenaline of the athletes at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games first-hand as they hurtle down mountains, fly over jumps and speed around ice rinks.

Fourteen Premium Events In Which To Claim Gold – Every event contains speed and danger, including the giant slalom, snowboard cross, downhill and bobsleigh events.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, playstation, gameAll-New Challenge Modes – Never before seen in an official Olympic-themed title, solo players will enjoy several brand new modes, including “Outrun the Avalanche” and “Beat the Blizzard.”

Worldwide Online Competition – As records are set the world’s best compete to maintain their spot at the top of the leaderboards.

Fun, Fast Multiplayer Competition – Players earn ultimate bragging rights in four-player split-screen action, or in online head-to-head competition.

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Repo Men is a science fiction action film, directed by Miguel Sapochnik and written by Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner. Cast: Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Liev Schrieber, Alice Braga, Carice van Houten and Chandler Canterbury. Repo Men is set to be released on April 2, 2010 by Universal Pictures. Set in the near future when artificial organs can be bought on credit, it revolves around a man who struggles to make the payments on a heart he has purchased. He must therefore go on the run before said ticker is repossessed.

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On every map, there are also dungeons: these are unexplored places, where Darkness has focused its efforts to attack the world. They are very dangerous places and exploring them will be a real challenge! Finally, in the “Craft of Gods” world, there are some places dedicated to the battles between Light and Darkness. Fighting for your chosen realm is not only an honorable task - if you are successful in completing a difficult task, the Gods will recognize you as a hero, and they will give you a Demigod rank, which will enhance your abilities beyond any human imagination. But don't rest on your laurels, your enemies will do their best to defeat you and steal your Demigod rank! For more information about the video game, please visit: Craft of Gods

The Minimum System Requirements For Craft of Gods

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 2GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB of free space
Video Card (graphics): NVIDIA GeForce 6600
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

The Recommended Requirements For Craft of Gods

Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2×2.6GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
Hard Drive: 10 GB of free space
Video Card (graphics): NVIDIA GeForce 9600
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

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Craft of Gods is a MMO, role-playing video game developed by Cyberdemon and published by Kalicanthus Entertainment for the PC (Microsoft Windows). In the game, the world characters live in is called Akvilon, it is a huge world with 25 different maps. There are many wonderful places to discover, many enemies to fight and an infinite number of things to do. In Akvilon, there are forests, deserts, desolate steppes, magical ancient forests, frozen icy plains, where the cold can even freeze your very thoughts. There are hundreds of different monsters and more than 70 unique creatures, including the legendary Serpent, fiery Dragons, and the slimy Kikimora. But there are also the honeyed-tongued Sirens… honeyed? Are you sure?

Craft Of Gods Gameplay Trailers

Craft Of Gods, video, game, pcCharacters can travel through this world by foot, but they can also ride one of their pets. Pretty much any animal can be tamed, some of them will become fast rides, but others, like tortoises, will be slow, so you need to pay attention to the animal that you want to tame. But perhaps you will enjoy peacefully sight-seeing the world from the back of a slow cow!

System Requirements For Craft of Gods

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Around the World in 80 Days is a puzzle video game developed and published by Playrix Entertainment for the Nintendo DS. Around the World in 80 Days is set to be released in December 2009. The game is an adaptation of the popular adventure novel of the same name by Jules Verne. Players get the chance to travel back in time to the late 19th century and enjoy spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant Passepourtout. With only 80 days to circumnavigate the globe the stakes are high –the journey must be completed on time to win the fantastic 20,000 pounds wager.

Around The World In 80 Days gameplay video

Around the World in 80 Days game features:

More than 80 levels of addictive combination fun, where you can travel across continents, through England, France, China, India, Japan and USA.

Multiplayer mode: Cooperative, Head-to-Head, Time (multi-map game).

Stunning background graphics, offering the perfect distraction every now and then.

Around The World In 80 Days, video, game, wiiMeticulously animated details, such as the ticking clock, the tiles.

Extra journey with a higher level of difficulty after completing the whole game.

Upright mode for a relaxed gaming experience (suitable for both right- and left-handers)
Revolving 3D globe for selecting levels.

Supports DS touchscreen and microphone features (also suitable for Nintendo DSi).

User-friendly structure for novices, offering plenty of helpful tips.

Fantastic bonus items like a mallet, a Tesla device, to name but a few

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