Bittos is an arcade-style puzzle video game Developed by Unconditional Studios and published by Machine Studios for PC (Microsoft Windows). Bittos was released on December 22, 2009. In the game, challenges players to take control of a variety of shapes while guiding, rotating and placing them in just the right arrangement to construct happy, shiny squares, all the while being surrounded by relentlessly multiplying bad bits and pieces, previously neglected by the player. Squares? Yes, squares! The higher the player progresses, the more difficult the game becomes continuously testing the players' mettle with a mind shattering four stages of ten levels in eighty-two rounds.

Bittos game video

Bittos, pc, gameBittos game features:

Easy to pick up and play - You'll be freshly addicted before you know it!

Two Play Styles in the Main Mode - Play Adventure Mode in either Mellow or Wired Moods of play.

Challenging to Master - as you progress through the game you'll find yourself creating new strategies to succeed. Even the most hardcore players will be continually entertained.

Unlockable Modes - master the Adventure mode to unlock new modes of play with a variety of configurations available for your enjoyment.

System Requirements For Bittos

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