PixelJunk Shooter is a multidirectional shooter video game developed by Q-Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 (PS3). PixelJunk Shooter was released on December 10, 2009. In the game, players pilot a subterranean vehicle to explore the interior of diverse cave-like complexes. The player must affect the surrounding and dynamic terrain to progress. The goal is to safely navigate through each vivid stage and rescue survivors scattered about the cavernous environment. Each stage is in-effect a flow simulation whereby the player attempts to control various types of liquid (water, magma, etc) and solid matter (rock, earth) either by destroying it, manipulating it or moving it. These dynamic fluid effects are at the heart of the game's visuals.

Pixel Junk Shooter gameplay video

PixelJunk Shooter, ps3, PlayStation,video,gamePixelJunk Shooter game features:

Distinctive Visuals and Music - Features several unique stages with stylishly designed graphics and original music.

Fluid Dynamics and Effects - The dynamic rendition of water, magma and other substances is the visual centerpiece in PixelJunk Shooter.

Stages as Puzzles - Players attempt to change the terrain and environment around them to progress. It often takes strategy, planning and old-fashioned trial and error to succeed.

Co-Op Gameplay -- Co-op multiplayer capabilities.

Online Rankings and YouTube Uploading - Share your scores and game footage with the world.

Rumble Support - Feel the effects when the craft bumps into the cavern’s wall.

Remote Play - Supports Remote Play for PSP system.

Trophy Support - PixelJunk Shooter will fully support PlayStation Trophies

Strategy is paramount in PixelJunk Shooter. The piloted craft is susceptible to extremes of heat, so the player must be careful about the craft’s proximity to magma. If the craft becomes too hot, the player can regain a comfortable temperature by plunging into the nearest water source. Additionally, each stage presents a puzzle scenario for the player to solve in order to safely rescue as many survivors as possible. Both environmental elements and enemies, including Bosses, will attempt to hamper the player’s progress.


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