Here is the trailer # 2 for the singer Justin Bieber’s upcoming documentary film Never Say Never, set for release on February 11, 2011.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Movie trailer 2

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Here is a poster for the upcoming thriller filmUnknown”, set for release on January 07, 2011. The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and the screenplay is written by Oliver Butcher/ Stephen Cornwell based on the novel by Didier Van Cauwelaert, and stars Liam Neeson, January Jones, Diane Kruger, Frank Langella, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz, Sebastian Koch, Karl Markovics, Sanny Van Heteren, Mido Hamada, Stipe Erceg, Clint Dyer, Michael Baral, Janina Flieger and Olivier Schneider. For more information, please visit: Unknown (2011) movie poster, trailer and synopsis

Unknown, 2011, new, movie, Poster

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Hello Kitty Seasons is an adventure video game for Nintendo Wii. The game is developed by Sanrio and published by Zoo Games. The first Hello Kitty title for the Wii, Hello Kitty Seasons challenge players to create a character and direct the development of a colorful town populated by lovable Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars and Chococat. Players will build up the community around them to unlock new levels and a variety of adventures while playing fun and exciting mini games that challenge their Wii Remote skills. Along the way, players will customize their town, earn achievements, discover bonuses and unlock power-ups. As time passes, the game world changes to reflect the player’s actions and the turning of the seasons, with each season presenting its own challenges and opportunities.

Hello Kitty Seasons game features:

•Help build SanrioTown by participating in exciting missions as the seasons change -- new seasons bring new challenges!

•Your favorite Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars, Chococat, and more will be there to help you along the way.

•Upgrade the town, customize your avatar, collect in-game items including clothing and accessories, and much more!

Hello Kitty Seasons, nintendo, wii

buy, Amazon, Hello Kitty Seasons, wii, game

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Crescent Pale Mist is a platformer video game developed by ClassiC Shikoukairo and published by Rockin' Android for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3). The game is now available on the PlayStation Network for $5.99 (USD). In the beautiful and explosive side-scrolling dimension of Gasyukal, players must control mysterious and volatile magic to charge through six chapters of non-stop action battles. Only players who maneuver the twists and turns through levels of would-be assassins, powerful sorcerers and supernatural monstrosities can save the world!

In Crescent Pale Mist, players take on the role of Yunou, the only magician powerful enough to take on the magic known as Pale Mist, to save the world from imminent destruction.

Crescent Pale Mist game video

Crescent Pale Mist game features:

Six challenging levels with multiple difficulties

Rich HD graphics

11 PlayStation Network trophies

Online leaderboard rankings

An engaging fantasy-based storyline

Rich, detailed art in the hand-drawn Japanese anime style

Presented in "2.5D", rendered 3D polygonal graphics presented in a 2D game

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Urban Trials is a racing video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Tate Interactive.

The game brings players to abandoned districts of a city where speed, agility and ability to improvise are the key to massive scores. In this fast paced racing game, players will take control over three different types of trial bikes in order to set up unbeatable high scores over 15 completely outrageous tracks. Featuring the Ghost of best player's performance riding along, the game challenges the player to master the handling of the bike and take advantage of every slope and road bump on a track.

Urban Trials, game, psp, screen

Urban Trials game features:

•Fast paced motorcycle racing game that can pump up the player's adrenaline level just about everywhere thanks to PSP’s portability.

•Large amount of various obstacles ranging from physics based to predefined motion, avoid them or use them to gain additional torque

•3 different trial bikes to master and 15 different obstacle packed tracks

•Ghost of the best performance that adds up to the thrill of racing

•Stunning graphics pushing PSP system to its limits

•Online leaderboards access with use of the unique generated key codes

•Spectacular crashes based on ragdoll physics

•Challenging achievements

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Red is an action comedy film, DVD and Blu-ray set for release on January 25, 2011. The film is written by Warren Ellis and directed by Robert Schwentke, and stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Cox, James Remar, Julian McMahon, Ernest Borgnine, Michelle Nolden, Amber Gaiennie and Audrey Wasilewski.

Red movie synopsis: "Red" is the story of Frank Moses (Willis), a former black-ops CIA agent, who is now living a quiet life. That is, until the day a hi-tech assassin shows up intent on killing him. With his identity compromised and the life of the woman he cares for, Sarah (Parker), endangered, Frank reassembles his old team (Freeman, Malkovich and Mirren) in a last ditch effort to survive. "Red" is based on the DC Comics graphic novel of the same name by Warren Ellis.

Red, DVD, Blu-ray, cover Bonus materials – DVD / Blu-ray:

- Audio commentary with retired CIA field officer Robert Baer
- Deleted Scenes
- Extended Scenes
- Access: RED hub, where you can select features specifically designed for each scene

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Lady Gaga’s upcoming album “Born This Way” is the follow-up to her debut "The Fame”. The new album is set for release on May 23, 2011, collaboration with Elton John and RedOne. She has been teasing fans on Twitter about her new album she tweeted: "Endless melodies, hooks + poetry sledge-hammering my skull, it won't be much longer, it's almost perfect. But I (we) don't want almost."

At midnight on New Year's Day 2011, Gaga confirmed via her official Twitter page that "Born This Way" would be the first single from the album and that it would be released on February 13, 2011. The release date of the single also coincides with the date of the 53rd Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga, Born This Way, cover, art, cd, audio, new, album Confirmed track list:


"Bad Kids"

"Born This Way"

"Edge of Glory"

"Government Hooker"



"You and I"

"Marry the Night"

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Lady Gaga crying in Poland Gdańsk Ergo Arena

Stay tuned for more information and complete track listing

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Here is a new clip “Because I Kissed You" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for the upcoming thriller filmThe Tourist”, set for release in the US on December 10, 2010. The film is directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and stars Johnny Depp as Frank Taylor, Angelina Jolie as Elise Ward, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, Timothy Dalton, Steven Berkoff and Raoul Bova.

The Tourist new movie clip

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First look at DreamWorks’ upcoming animated filmPuss in Boots”, set for release on November 04, 2011. The film is written by Tom Wheeler and directed by Chris Mille, and voice cast by Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, Salma Hayek as Kitty, Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty and Zeus Mendoza as Rancher.

Movie synopsis: Push In Boots - One of the most beloved characteres of the Shrek Unniverse - tells the hilarious and courageous (daring, bold, brave) tale of Puss's(Antonio Banderas) early adventures as he teams with mastermind humpty dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and the street - savvy kitty (Salama Hayek) to steal the famed goose that lays the golden eggs.

Puss in Boots (2011) movie trailer

Puss in Boots, movie, poster

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Here is the complete track listing (songs) for the Iron and Wine’s upcoming fourth studion albumKiss Each Other Clean”, set for release on January 25, 2011 via Warner Bros., 4AD Records. The first track from the album, "Walking Far from Home," will be released on November 26 in CD single and 12" vinyl versions as part of a special Record Store Day Black Friday event. The album marks a further change in style. Speaking to SPIN magazine, Beam said “It’s more of a focused pop record. It sounds like the music people heard in their parent’s car growing up… that early-to-mid-’70s FM, radio-friendly music

Complete tracklist

1. Walking Far From Home

2. Me And Lazarus

3. Tree By The River

Iron and Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean, box, art 4. Monkeys Uptown

5. Half Moon

6. Rabbit Will Run

7. Godless Brother In Love

8. Big Burned Hand

9. Glad Man Singing

10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Live Iron and Wine "Half Moon"

Live Iron and Wine "Godless Brother in Love"

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Smurfs' Village is a video game developed and published by Capcom Mobile for Apple iphone. Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game under the guidance of Papa Smurf, with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more. Fan favorites like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Jokey Smurf will bring unique skills and perks to the village and users can play mini games like Greedy Smurf's Baking Game, Papa Smurf's Potion Mixing Game, and Painter Smurf's Painting Game and unlock additional bonuses. Players can also share the experience with their friends by linking their account to Facebook.

Smurfs' Village is free to download and play, but players can expedite the growth of their village and crops by purchasing Smurfberries as downloadable content.

The Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen in Columbia Pictures'/Sony Pictures Animations' hybrid live-action and animated family comedy The Smurfs, set for release August 3, 2011. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours – in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down. The film is directed by Raja Gosnell. The producer is Jordan Kerner. The screenplay is by J. David Stem & David N. Weiss and Jay Scherick & David Ronn, from a story by J. David Stem & David N. Weiss, based on the characters and works of Peyo.

Smurfs' Village gameplay video

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Battlefield Play4Free is a first-person shooter video game, set for release in Q2 2011. The game is currently in developement by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts.

In the game, from the makers of the hit arcade shooter Battlefield Heroes comes this free-to-play version of the game, this time featuring photo-real characters, environments, weapons and maps. Battlefield Play4Free is a deep PC shooter featuring signature Battlefield vehicular warfare, sandbox gameplay and intense 32-player online battles.

Combining the most popular maps from Battlefield 2 with the familiar classes and powerful weapons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, players have access to 16 vehicles including the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, its nemesis the F35 VTOL jet fighter, the massive Russian T-90 main battle tank, and the hard to catch LSV light strike vehicle. Players progress through the game to learn new combat skills, and earn in-game currency to spend on a massive array of devastating weapons and equipment.

Battlefield Play4Free game video

Battlefield Play4Free game features:

•A next-generation free-to-play battlefield

•32-player all out warfare online

•Experience the career of a professional soldier

Battlefield Play4Free game video

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The Cursed Crusade is an action adventure video game for PC system, set for release on June 21, 2011. The game is developed by Kylotonn and published by Atlus. Set at the end of the 12th century and centered around a pair of cursed warriors fighting to save their souls, The Cursed Crusade marries the beauty and wonder of medieval Europe with thrilling adventure and dark fantasy.

"A story of salvation and survival, The Cursed Crusade brings to life the mystery and allure of the Middle Ages," said Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales. "The game's main characters are not heroes; they're just men, susceptible to temptation, easily made to feel doubt and despair. The raw, gritty accuracy of many of the game's historical locations is sharply contrasted by Denz and Esteban's supernatural struggle to save their souls. Their affliction, the Templar's Curse, threatens to accelerate their descent into hell, burning their humanity away as it engulfs the space around them in demonic flame."

Set against the backdrop of the majestic Old World, The Cursed Crusade's cooperative third-person action-adventure tale of damnation and deliverance will consume you.

The Cursed Crusade game video

The Cursed Crusade game features:

•The Old World Burns--Embark on a contentious quest for retribution spanning five chapters and 40 missions that promises to bring fire, death, and destruction to the great cities of medieval Europe.

•A Templar Cursed--Transform the world around you into a flaming red vision of Hell, increasing your strength and your ability to perceive hidden things, all at the expense of your humanity.

•Brotherhood of Steel--Split-screen or online, recruit a friend to assume control of the thief, Esteban, to join in the excitement of shared adventure.

•Intense, visceral 3rd-person action--Easy to grasp yet deep in its execution, a weapon-based combat engine features over 90 combos, 130+ weapons, and a timing-based counter system.

The Cursed Crusade, game, pc, screen

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is a racing videogame for the Xbox 360, set for release on November 16, 2010. The game is developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit brings the franchise back to its roots with intense cops vs. racer chases.

The game features Need for Speed Autolog where players compare racing stats and automatically get personalized gameplay recommendations from their friends. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit players can also experience the thrill of the chase and the rush of the escape as they play through full careers as both a cop and a racer - solo or connected. The high speed busts and heart-stopping getaways are all connected via Need for Speed Autolog.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game featurette

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, racing, game, xbox

buy, Amazon, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, xbox, game

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Here is a new clip “I’m the One Who’s Fighting” for the upcoming drama filmThe Fighter”, set for release on December 10, 2010. The film is directed by David O. Russell and stars Christian Bale as Dickie Eklund, Mark Wahlberg as 'Irish' Mickey Ward, Amy Adams as Charlene, Melissa Leo as Alice, Robert Wahlberg as Prison Guard, Dendrie Taylor as Gail 'Red Dog' Eckland Carney, Jack McGee as George Ward, Jenna Lamia as Sherri Ward and Salvatore Santone as Young Micky Ward. For more information, please visit: The Fighter (2010) Movie Trailer, Poster Synopsis

The Fighter new movie clip - "I’m the One Who’s Fighting"

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Here is the complete tracklisting for Keri Hilson’s upcoming second studion albumNo Boys Allowed”, set for release on December 21, 2010 via Mosely, Zone 4 Records. On the album Hilson is reunited with Timbaland and Polow da Don who are executively producing the album, as they did with her debut release. Soul singer John Legend has cowritten a song for the album meanwhile Tank, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Lil Kim will all have featured guest vocals. Two singles preceded the album including the lead single "Breaking Point", produced by Timbaland, and its follow up, the Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony-produced "Pretty Girl Rock". The former peaked at number forty-four on the U.S. Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart while the latter is currently impacting on the chart at number seventy-six. A mini-movie for a third song, "The Way You Love Me", is being created and expected to be released as the third single.

Complete track listing:

1. "Buyou" (featuring J. Cole)

2. "Pretty Girl Rock"

Keri Hilson, No Boys Allowed, box, art, cd, audio 3. "The Way You Love Me" (featuring Rick Ross)

4. "Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again) / I Want You"

5. "One Night Stand" (featuring Chris Brown)

6. "Lose Control / Let Me Down" (featuring Nelly)

7. "Toy Soldier"

8. "Breaking Point"

9. "Beautiful Mistake"

10. "Gimme What I Want"

11. "All the Boys"

12. "Pretty Girl Rock" (featuring Kanye West)

Live Keri Hilson "Pretty Girl Rock"

Live Keri Hilson - The Way You Love Me

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Here is a new trailer for the upcoming drama film Barney's Version, set for release on December 17, 2010. The film is directed by Richard J. Lewis, based on the novel of the same name by Mordecai Richler. The film stars Rachelle Lefevre as Clara, Rosamund Pike as Miriam, Dustin Hoffman as Izzy, Bruce Greenwood as Blair and Paul Giamatti as Barney Panofsky. For more information, please visit: Barney's Version (2010) New Movie Trailer 2

Barney's Version new movie trailer

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War of Angels is a MMORPG video game published by NeoWiz for PC system, release date to be announced later. War of Angels is a high fantasy massively MMORPG pitting gamers in a colossal struggle between good and evil. Players must choose their destiny as they battle to aid or prevent the resurrection of the evil fallen angel, Dertgotz. Those who engage in this epic tale will find a distinctive experience with several dynamic features:

•City Construction - Guilds can occupy coveted locations, set up merchant stores to gain profit and branch out with their own cities. But profit comes at a price - guilds will have to defend their territory.

•Good vs. Evil - Players will be enraptured in the core of War of Angels content, which enables players to develop their characters as either good or evil. This opens up end-game player-versus-player options (PvP) based on good or evil alignment.

War of Angels gameplay video

•Deathblow Attacks - Turn the tide of battle with savage attacks. Players build the deathblow gauge by successfully wounding ferocious monsters, eventually unleashing different levels of devastating attacks when it's needed most.

•Expansive Crafting System - As players level up their characters they will gain the ability to enchant their weapons and armor. The unique Constellation system allows players to create exceptional and powerful items that are not attainable through enchanting alone.

War of Angels,game,screen, ps

Players can sign up to play and download the game on the War of Angels website at

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The Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is an action video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), set for release on March 31, 2011. The game is developed by Vicious Cycle and published by D3 Publisher.

In the game, the bugs are back in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and its no picnic for the world's elite soldiers as the most concentrated giant insect invasion ever threatens human civilization unless the Earth Defense Force (EDF) can stop them! New Detroit's giant bug problem is unavoidable, and mankind's last hope lies with the Earth Defense Force to defend the world from the insect swarm, even if it means blowing up the entire city as part of the extermination process.

The Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon game footage

Insect Armageddon continues to follow the rich history of casual fun and addictive gameplay that made the franchise a cult classic. The game also adds a new aspect to the Earth Defense Force series that was born in Japan, with additional elements for all EDF soldiers to experience. The Campaign mode that lets up to three players team up online to battle the insects and aliens across a completely destroyable city. Every EDF soldier is armed with over 150 weapons and four upgradeable armor sets and engages in nonstop arcade action that is the fastest and deadliest in the series. In addition, the game also features a six-player Survival mode that pits a human squad against a nonstop onslaught of the largest enemies the aliens have to offer.

buy, Amazon, The Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, sony, ps3, game

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The Penguins of Madagascar is an action video game published by THQ for the Nintendo DS. In the game, team Penguin, the unsung heroes of the zoo – Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, has been tasked with new madcap missions. The Penguins must use teamwork in order to complete levels and build useful tools and gadgets to advance in the game.

Packed with exciting puzzles to solve, the player alternates between the Penguins, performing acrobatic moves, unlocking paths and creating helpful contraptions. The game will also feature stealth-based missions, super silly interactive moments, bonus levels and mini-games. A special DSi camera feature includes King Julien’s sassy and side-splitting critiques of players’ own photo snapshots. Additionally, the game will showcase voices of the entire cast from the TV series, including Tom McGrath (Skipper), Jeff Bennett (Kowalski), John Di Maggio (Rico), James Stuart Patrick (Private) and Danny Jacobs (King Julien). 

The Penguins of Madagascar game video

buy, Amazon, The Penguins of Madagascar, ds, nintendo game

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Afterfall: Insanity is a third-person shooter video game published by The Games Company for PC system, release date to be announced later. It is 2032 – 20 years after the end of World War III. To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in bunkers, mines and huge cities below ground. As mysterious psychologist Adam, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives' mental stability. Humankind may have survived certain death aboveground, but their safe haven threatens to turn into a cursed prison.

In Afterfall: Insanity, the player will fight mutants and hostile war victims in the dreary ruins of once beautiful cities and in the refuges below former European metropolises to discover a horrible truth. However, if he does not face his greatest weaknesses and deepest fears, the player will not survive the claustrophobic depths of the underground from which there is no escape and where the darkness hides more secrets than just the madness of its inhabitants.

Afterfall: Insanity game video

Afterfall: Insanity, game, screen, pc

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The Lincoln Lawyer is a drama film, set for release on March 18, 2011. The film is directed by Brad Furman and the screenplay is written by John Romano based on the book by Michael Connelly, and stars Marisa Tomei, Matthew McConaughey, John Leguizamo, Ryan Phillippe, Michaela Conlin, William H. Macy, Shea Whigham, Katherine Moennig, Michael Peña, Margarita Levieva, Frances Fisher, Michael Paré and Natalina Maggio.

Movie synopsis: Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln sedan. Haller has spent most of his career defending garden-variety criminals, until he lands the case of his career: defending Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), a Beverly Hills playboy accused of rape and attempted murder. But the seemingly straightforward case suddenly develops into a deadly game of survival for Haller.

The Lincoln Lawyer movie trailer

The Lincoln Lawyer, movie, poste

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Jumping the Broom is a comedy film, set for release on May 06, 2011. The screenplay is written by Arlene Gibbs and Elizabeth Hunter and directed by Salim Akil, and stars Julie Bowen, Paula Patton, Tasha Smith as Shonda, Angela Bassett, Gary Dourdan as Chef McKenna, Laz Alonso as Jason Taylor, Mike Epps, Loretta Devine, Pooch Hall as Ricky, Lil' Romeo, Aija Terauda as Actress, DeRay Davis as Malcolm, Brian Stokes Mitchell as Mr. Watson, Valarie Pettiford as Aunt Geneva, T.D. Jakes as Reverend James and Tenika Davis – Lauren.

Movie synopsis: A collision of worlds when two African-American families from divergent socioeconomic backgrounds get together one weekend in Martha's Vineyard for a wedding.

Jumping the Broom movie trailer

Jumping the Broom, movie, poster

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Mortal Kombat is a fighting game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), set for release on April 19, 2011. The game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

In the game, after centuries of Mortal Kombat, Emperor Shao Kahn has finally defeated Raiden and his allies. Faced with extinction, Raiden has one last chance to save Earthrealm. To undo the Emperor's victory, he must strike Shao Kahn where he is vulnerable...the Past.

Driven by an all new graphics engine, the fan favorite series is back and presented in more gory detail than ever before. Mortal Kombat introduces a number of game-play features including tag team and the deepest story mode of any fighting game. Players can choose from an extensive lineup of the game's iconic warriors and challenge their friends in traditional 1 vs. 1 matches, or take on several new game modes.

Mortal Kombat game video

Mortal Kombat introduces a number of game modes as well as an online experience. Up to 4 players can battle "tag-team"- 2 players can team up in the new "Co-op Arcade Mode" or compete against another team online.

Mortal Kombat, sony, ps3, game, screen

Mortal Kombat Fighting game features:

•By returning to its classic 2D fighting plane, mature presentation, and up to 4 player tag-team kombat; Mortal Kombat introduces an all new fighting mechanic that’s both accessible and provides the depth that fighting game players look for.

•Players are taken back to the original Mortal Kombat tournament where they try to alter the events of the past in an attempt to save the future.

•In addition to an enhanced online feature set, Mortal Kombat introduces Co-op arcade mode and many additional modes.

buy, Amazon, Mortal Kombat, sony, ps3, game

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Frobot is a puzzle videogame for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and WiiWare, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Fugazo.

In the game, play as Frobot and rescue your 5 robot girlfriends who have been mysteriously captured! Fight robots with a wide assortment of weapons such as ricocheting energy blasts, missiles, and mines. Solve physics puzzles using cranes, switches, teleporters, and boxes to rescue your girlfriends from certain doom!

The Story Mode of this game features 25 Levels spread across multiple environments such as Frobot's Disco and the Microshaft Lab. In Battle Mode, up to 4 people can play in this breakdown battle royale! Choose from an assortment of weapons such as energy blasts, missiles, and mines. Then pick from over 10 stages with different obstacles such as destructible walls, moving platforms, and teleporters!

Frobot game video (WiiWare)

Frobot, pc, game, screen

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First look at upcoming action video game Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development by Frontline Studios and is being published by Apogee Software, LLC, and Deep Silver. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will be the first of three games in a series called Duke Nukem Trilogy, whose other entries will be Chain Reaction and Proving Grounds. Each of the games will have a different setting in time. Critical Mass will be set in the future, Chain Reaction will be in the present day, and Proving Grounds will be set during World War 2.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will have different gameplay modes for the DS and PSP. For the PSP, the game will largely be a third person shooter, with the camera trailing behind Duke Nukem as he moves through the level. On the DS, the game is mainly sidescroller. Both versions will feature multiplayer capability. The two versions will both have several additional gameplay modes, which will be different depending on the platform. The PSP version will, in addition to the standard third person action mode, have jetpack mode and cover-fire mode. Jetpack mode will allow Duke to fly through the environment while shooting at aliens with the jetpack's onboard guns. Cover fire mode allows Duke to take cover and blast enemies from behind walls or other objects at predetermined spots. The DS will have an even greater variety of gameplay styles in addition to its normal sidescrolling action. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, Sony, PSP These include jetpack mode, cover-fire mode, boss battle mode(which will be in a third person perspective with the camera behind Duke), and sniper mode, which Duke enters at certain locations in the game. There appears to be a variety of weapons, such as shotguns, pistols, and pipebombs. In the DS version, Duke is also seen using kick attacks on his enemies.

The game will be set in the future, and will feature gritty city streets and alleys, indoor areas, and many as of now unknown world locations. According to Apogee's official website, the game will be very expansive, with more than 30 levels across 9 world locations, which would make Critical Mass one of the largest Duke Nukem games to date. The images and videos released so far show fairly detailed levels filled with cars, railing, signs, complex scenery, and other objects.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass gameplay video

buy, Amazon, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, psp, sony, game

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Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress (Limited Edition) is an action video game for Nintendo Wii, set for release on November 9, 2010. The game is developed and published by Hudson Soft. In "Merci's Dangerous Trap," which aired in the first season of BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion, Doji sends Kyoya to Wolf Canyon to prove his readiness to battle Gingka. Meanwhile, Gingka is lead to believe that he is on a television game show by Doji, who has pitted Gingka against the computer "Merci" to test Gingka's skills and collect data. Kyoya eventually makes it to the top of Wolf Canyon – and is ready to battle Gingka.

The action is more thrilling than ever with BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress for Wii. The game features a complete game-specific story with the original characters from the show. BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress is equipped with four-player "Battle Mode" competition allowing players to face off against three other human or AI controlled enemies, or play co-operatively with allies. With customizable stadiums, players can choose from a variety of terrains and shapes for battle. The television series from Nelvana and d-rights Inc. launched in Canada in May 2010 on YTV and debuted in the United States on Cartoon Network in June.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress game video

For more information on BEYBLADE, please visit

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Killzone 3: (Helghast Edition) is a first-person shooter video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), set for release on February 22, 2011. The game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Continuing from Killzone 2, players find Emperor Visari, the viscious dictator of the Helghast, dead at the feet of Sev and Rico. However this war is far from won. In the wake of Visari's death, Helghan has devolved into a world of political scheming, rapid infighting, and murder. Now, the two most powerful men on Helghan are fighting for complete and utter dominance while Visari’s vision of Helghan is in jeopardy. With limited supplies and no re-enforcements, the ISA must now fight not to win a war, but to survive a lost one.

In Killzone 3, players once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival. Killzone 3 delivers a single-player campaign as well as full featured multiplayer mode.

This one-of-a-kind set features a collectible replica of a Helghast Helmet containing an art book, Super Voucher and the Killzone 3 game with bonus content. Also included is an exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure created by DC Unlimited, that will not be sold anywhere else.

Killzone 3 gameplay video

Killzone 3, Helghast Edition, ps3, box, art

Killzone 3: (Helghast Edition) game features:

•Much bigger environments throughout the game, including nuclear wastelands, alien jungles, and arctic vistas. Levels are up to 10 times the size of those in Killzone 2.

•Fully enhanced game engine, with optimized data streaming systems that will load texture and music content seamlessly.

•A brutal melee system with a number of varied attacks.

•Control an arsenal of advanced weaponry, such as the Wasp missile launcher, in addition to trusty classics like the M82-G assault rifle.

•Face off against various breeds of fearsome Helghast enemies that wield a variety of weapons and abilities.

•Vehicle gameplay is greatly increased, with players able to do battle from Intruders, using jet packs, and accessing a number of land-based vehicle options.

•Killzone 3 supports full stereoscopic 3D gameplay compatibility. texture and mesh streaming throughout the game

•Overall improved accessibility including better controls as well as much more varied Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

•Killzone 3 utilizes the HDR audio system, allowing the game to dynamically focus the audio depth of field. Players will hear effects in context, making the action much more up close and personal as well as immersive.


•SPECIAL EDITION: Exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure.

•SPECIAL EDITION: Exclusive art book featuring imagery from the Killzone universe.

•Double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.


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Here is a new clip “Expecting You” for the upcoming movie Faster, featuring Dwayne Johnson. The screenplay is written by Joe Gayton / Tony Gayton and directed by George Tillman Jr. and stars Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Maggie Grace, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Moon Bloodgood, Tom Berenger, Micaela Johnson, Jennifer Carpenter, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Courtney Gains and J.A. Steel. For more information, please visit: Faster (2010) Movie Trailer and Synopsis - Dwayne Johnson

Faster new movie clip

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Here is the complete track list for the X Factor runners-up JLSupcoming second studio albumOutta This World”, set for release on November 30, 2010 via Epic Records. The album will available in several different editions, with the HMV website offering a selection of four different slipcases, and offering signed copies. "The Club Is Alive" was released in July 2010, as the lead single from the album. The single debuted at #1 on the UK Singles Chart, with first week sales of 84,283. The track only topped the chart for one week. In Ireland, the track peaked at #4. The single, as of October 2010, has sold a total of 220,557 copies and has been certified Silver.

"Love You More" is due for release on November 15, 2010, as the second single from the album. The track will also serve as the 2010 official Children In Need Charity Single.

Complete track list

1. "The Club Is Alive"

2. "Eyes Wide Shut"

JLS, Outta This World, cd, new, album, audio 3. "Outta This World"

4. "That's My Girl"

5. "Work"

6. "I Know What She Likes"

7. "Love You More"

8. "Other Side of the World"

9. "Better for You"

10. "Superhero"

11. "Love at War"

12. "Don't Talk About Love"

13. "That's Where I'm Coming From"

14. "The Last Song"

Live JLS "The Club Is Alive"

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Meskada is a crime drama film set for release on December 03, 2010. The film is written and directed by Josh Sternfeld and stars Nick Stahl, Rachel Nichols, Kellan Lutz, Jonathan Tucker, Grace Gummer, Laura Benanti, James McCaffrey, Michael Cerveris, Norman Reedus, David Aaron Baker, Michael Sirow, Kerry Bishé and Rebecca Henderson.

Movie synopsis: Meskada follows a small-town detective named Noah Cordin as he struggles to solve the brutal murder of a boy in the peaceful, affluent town of Hilliard. The killers left behind no clues at the crime scene, with the exception of a tiny scrap of paper leading Cordin back to his hometown of Caswell. Here, Cordin consults the county detective Leslie Spencer and reconnects with some old friends, all of whom are suffering from the economic troubles that have plunged Caswell into near-destitution. Cordin enlists the help of his friends Daniel Hartfield, a Caswell cop, and Billy Burns, a local bar owner. But as their search fails to turn up a suspect, feverish tensions rise between the towns of Hilliard and Caswell. The Meskada County Board of Commissioners—whose constituency includes Allison Connor, the mother of the dead boy and a prominent citizen of Hilliard—threatens to derail a new manufacturing plant from setting up in Caswell. The plant would provide hundreds of sorely needed jobs to the area. This threat energizes the investigators and all of Caswell to take part in the murder investigation. Together, they fight to reveal the identity of the killers, while trying to rescue their town from financial collapse. Through it all, Noah Cordin’s ties to his past and present are stretched to the breaking point, until the Connor murder reaches its shocking conclusion.

A gripping crime drama in the tradition of “No Country for Old Men” and “Mystic River,” Meskada is also a poignant meditation on solidarity and salvation in modern-day America.

Meskada movie trailer

Meskada, poster, movie

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First look at upcoming video game Hyperdimension Neptunia published by NIS for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), release date to be announced later. This unique RPG features game consoles personified as goddesses, CPUs (Console Patron Units), who you can customize visually with equipment to enhance their stats. Players take the role of Neptune and follow her quest to save the captive Histoire. This leads her to face the corrupt monsters ravaging the world of Gamindustri unleashed by the evil Arfoire.

Hyperdimension Neptunia game features:

•Video game consoles & companies personified.

•Edit pictures stored on your PS3 to use as Neptune's rear emblem.

•Summon video game characters or your own edited images.

•Customize, create, and name your own combo attacks.

Hyperdimension Neptunia game video

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Shank is an action video game featuring a unique art style inspired by graphic novels and golden age comics. The game is developed by Klei Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for PC, release date to be announced later.

The game tells a classic story of gangland betrayal through a mature, pulp-fiction lens. Gamers will play as Shank, getting their hands bloody as they uncover the secrets behind Shank's past and the reasons he is hell-bent on revenge.

With a deep and intuitive combat system, players unleash a tremendous number of creative combinations as they take down the waves of enemies standing in their path. Shank also features a special co-operative mission, designed to be played with a friend locally, which tells the backstory to frame the revenge plot. This prequel mission allows players to play as Shank or his partner-in-crime Falcone, with deadly double-team moves and gameplay that encourages teamwork.

Shank game video

Shank, game,PC, screen

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CardMon Hero is an RPG video game developed and published by Redbana for PC, release date to be announced late.

In the game, players will assemble a powerful deck of summoning cards to call upon mercenaries to aid the player in battle. Summoning cards may be found in the field or crafted with materials, each with a unique set of abilities customized to maximize the Hero's strengths. Heroes can specialize in melee, magic or conjuration depending on their fighting style, while mercenaries come in three flavors – the Tank with high HP and defense attributes, the Assaulter capable of dealing high damage, and Support which can heal allies and confuse enemies. Nearly all monsters you defeat in the game may be summoned as a mercenary, and knowing which mercenaries to summon and when is the key to battle in the Hero's quest to driving back the evil that has taken over the world of Aria.

Game features include:

•Persistent and open 3D world: Adventure through a massive and beautiful world filled with quests, creatures and enemies just waiting to be discovered.

•Quests without the grind: Complete quests by adventuring through numerous zones and maps that don't require players to grind. Level up through quests that Heroes can overcome on their own or challenging quests that will offer greater rewards with the cooperation of your friends.

•Extensive Hunting Mode: Join a party or band the guild to face strong monsters that yield unique rewards and rare items, scaling up in difficulty as you gain Mission Points.

•Unique battle strategy: Experience familiar game mechanics popular to MMOs while strategically creating, recruiting and customizing mercenaries to summon and aid you in battle.

•Endless Mercenaries: Discover new summoning cards, craft new mercenaries out of materials, upgrade mercenaries by combining cards with unique skill sets, and even recruit monsters that you encounter in Aria.

•Full customization: Create a Hero unique to your personality with selection of gender, faces, clothes, armor, weapons and shoes. Mix and match summoning cards to build out an army of mercenaries that complement your battling style and strategy.

CardMon Hero, game, screen

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Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania is a real-time strategy video game for PC. The game is developed by 1C Company and published by Paradox Interactive.

In the game, you are the ruler of the kingdom of Ardania. At your service are your loyal and somewhat obnoxious subordinates who have their own minds about how things should be done. Majesty 2 is a unique real-time strategy game with indirect control where your heroes decide on their own what should be done and when, leaving you to try to control them through monetary incentives.

Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania game features:

- Real-time strategy game with indirect control - your heroes have a will of their own.

- Play through a campaign with 16 missions divided into 4 chapters, as well as a few quick missions and a variety of multiplayer maps.

- Build the fantasy city of your dreams and experience an engaging world, but beware: monsters are waiting to lay siege to your domain.

- Defend your realm with noble warriors, spell-wielding wizards or wild barbarians. Choose from more than 10 different classes to oversee the protection of your lands.

- GameSpy multiplayer for up to 4 players over LAN or Internet, including support for ranking ladders and tournaments.

- The official sequel to the best-selling game "Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim" of 2000.

Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania, game, screen, pc

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Hop is a live-action / CG-animated comedy film, set for release on April 1, 2011. The film is directed by Tim Hill, director of the blockbuster Alvin & the Chipmunks and produced by Chris Meledandri’s Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me), and cast by James Marsden as Fred O'Hare, Kaley Cuoco as Samantha O'Hare, Fred's sister, Elizabeth Perkins, Chelsea Handler as Mrs. Beck and Russell Brand as Easter Bunny (voice).

Movie synopsis: From the creators of DESPICABLE ME comes HOP, the comic tale of Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) and must take him in as he recovers. As Fred struggles with the world’s worst houseguest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up.

Hop movie trailer

Hop, 2011, movie, poster

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Frankie and Alice is a drama film, set for release on February 4, 2011. The film is directed by Geoffrey Sax and stars Halle Berry as Frankie / Alice, Stellan Skarsgård as Dr. Oz, Matt Frewer, Phylicia Rashad as Edna Murdoch, Chandra Wilson as Maxine Murdoch, Kira Clavell as Wanda, Emily Tennant as Paige Prescott, Andrew Francis as Cop, Joanne Baron as Nurse Susan Shaw and Vanessa Morgan as Young Frankie.

Movie synopsis: FRANKIE & ALICE is a moving psychological drama based on the harrowing true story of Frankie Murdoch (Halle Berry), a woman suffering with multiple personality disorder in early 1970s Los Angeles.

Frankie and Alice movie clip

Frankie and Alice, movie, poster

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3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 is a sports video game for Sony PlayStation Network (PSN).  The game is developed by Wanako Games and published by Konami. Over 50 new courses await players with challenging obstacles such as sand traps, bunkers and blind spots. But these courses aren't just your traditional 18-hole courses, these courses are designed from a wide variety of source material, including courses like the Manic Museum, Winter Wonderland and the Haunted Manor. But peril isn't the only thing that players look towards, for each course is unique and contains secret shortcuts, power-ups and elements that help each player sabotage one another and interfere with the competitor's progress.

In 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2, players are challenged to navigate their ball beyond obstacles using the help of secret shortcuts, game-changing power-ups and traps to sabotage the competition. Players can also manipulate the game by using special pick-ups to destroy course obstructions or even interfere with competitor's shots.

Gamers can bring their A-game as they play in matches of up to four players locally or online. The sequel also offers an intuitive Map Editor tool, allowing full customization of virtual courses and the strategic placement of power-ups and traps. Putt through over 50 fun-filled holes in diverse locations, such as a Haunted Manor, a Manic Museum and a Winter Wonderland. As an added bonus, players can choose from up to four customizable animated characters and are invited to play using their own Xbox 360 Avatars and watch as their personalities unfold in every course.

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