Saint Vitus are one of the best and well-known of traditional doom metal bands. But don't assent to the phrase doom metal stop you from listening to their music: in fact they sound like Black Sabbath blended with Creddance Clearwater Revival, that is, typically seventies heavy metal with Southern Rock influence.

After almost seventeen years since their last record “Die Healing” in 1995, Saint Vitus returns with their eight studio album “Lillie: F-65”, due for release on April 27, 2012 via Season of Mist. Lillie: F-65 contains the following track list:

1.Let Them Fall

2.The Bleeding Ground


4.Blessed Night

5.The Waste of Time



Watch Saint Vitus "Blessed Night" Live

Saint Vitus were a much underrated group for their time. Some people loved them, and some reviled them. Sadly, the mediocre sound quality and production on their records never really meet their true power as an excellent rock band that developed into a massive influence in the doom-stoner rock scene of today. So when listening to their records you really need to surpass the raw primitive sonic qualities of the recording and go deep into the music itself in order to make out what wonderful music this is.

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