Richard Marx was one of the most talented musicians of the late eighties and early nineties. This compilation of his great hits truly lives up to its title as it comprises almost every big hit he had during his flourishing heyday. Melodious rock classics like "Endless Summer Nights", "One Thing Left", "Hazard" and his signature song "Right Here Waiting" are incorporated here beside the more aggressive singles such as "Should've Known Better" and "Satisfied".

CD features twelve songs, ten live plus two brand new studio songs, and DVD features twenty one songs.

Disc: 1

1. Endless Summer Nights

2. One Thing Left

3. Hazard

4. Through My Veins

5. When You Loved Me

6. This I Promise You with JC Chasez

7. The Letter with Hugh Jackman

8. Satisfied

9. Should've Known Better

10. Right Here Waiting

11. Over My Head

12. Wouldn't Let Me Love You

Richard Marx, A Night Out With Friends, cd, image, poster, front, cover Disc: 2

1. Endless Summer Nights

2. Keep Coming Back with Sara Niemietz

3. One Thing Left

4. Hazard

5. You're A God with Matt Scannell

6. Hold On To The Nights/Now & Forever

7. Always On Your Mind

8. Save Me

9. Through My Veins

10. Take This Heart

11. When You Love Me

12. Better Life

13. This I Promise You with JC Chasez

14. The Letter with Hugh Jackman

15. To Where You Are with Hugh Jackman

16. Angelia

17. Satisfied

18. Should've Known Better

19. The Way She Loves Me

20. Don't Mean Nothing

21. Right Here Waiting

for more information “Richard Marx drops A Night Out With Friends Track List CD DVD”

If I was to pick most talent groups that on track producing music in the late eighties, I would almost certainly have fingers left on at least one group. Blues Traveler is one of those groups that creates the grade. Their Fourth and Fifth albums certainly got them in the public eye. They then followed up with the overlooked Bridge. Unfortunately afterward, the group when in a tailspin, it landed them their very own Behind the Music.

Now after almost four years hiatus, Blues Traveler returns with a brand new album titled Suzie Cracks the Whip. Set for release on June 26, 2012 through 429 Records. Suzie Cracks the Whip will contain the following track listing:

1."You Don't Have To Love Me"
2."Recognize My Friend"
3."Devil In The Details"
4."All Things Are Possible"
5."Things Are Looking Up"
6."Love Is Everything (That I Describe)"
7."I Don't Wanna Go'
8."Nobody Fall In Love With Me"
9."Cover Me"
10."Saving Grace"
11."Big City Girls"
12."Cara Let The Moon"

Blues Traveler, Suzie Cracks the Whip, cd, cover, image

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Will Smith’s upcoming movie After Earth is currently filming in Costa Rica, Will and the director M. Night Shyamalan have been sharing some images from the set. The film follows a young man JA (played by Jaden Smith) and his alienated father whose spaceship crashes on Earth, 1000 years after it has been deserted by humans. The father, badly wounded from the crash, is detained by a residual Earth-dwelling colony, leaving his son to discover and rescue him on a planet that is now an outlandish and unsafe place.

The screenplay is written by Stephen Gaghan and Gary Whitta, and the soundtrack will compose by James Newton Howard, and the following actors will be starring in this movie.

will smith, jaden, after earth, new, movie, images, pictures

will smith,  after earth, new, movie, images, pictures

Will Smith

Isabelle Fuhrman

Zoe Isabella Kravitz

Jaden Smith

Sophie Okonedo

David Denman

Lincoln Lewis

Kristofer Hivju

Jon Douglas Rainey

Kimberly Villanova

Corey Brown

Gilbert Soto

Christopher Julius Wilson

for more information “Will Smith After Earth OST, Images, Full Cast- review”

Here is an exclusive character poster from the upcoming movie “G.I. Joe: Retaliation! This brand new poster features Bruce Willis as General Joe Colton. GI Joe 2 is an action packed movie directed by Jon M. Chu based on screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and the soundtrack to the GI Joe 2 was composed by Henry Jackman. GI Joe 2 is a sequel to 2009 “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”.

GI Joe 2, new, Character, bruce willis, poster

List of Complete Cast Members

Channing Tatum as Captain Duke Hauser

Bruce Willis as Joe Colton

Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock

Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye

Ray Stevenson as Firefly

Walton Goggins as Warden Nigel James

Joseph Mazzello as Mouse

Arnold Vosloo as Zartan

Ray Park as Snake Eyes

RZA as Blind Master

Jonathan Pryce as U.S. President

Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow

Elodie Yung as Jinx

Faran Tahir as Cobra Commander (unconfirmed)

Han Soto as North Korean Guard

Ilia Volok as Russian President

Matt Gerald as Zandar

D.J. Cotrona as Flint

Eddie Hargitay sa Tunnel Rat

Ajay Mehta as Indian President

Marcelo Tubert as French President

Mike Mayhall as Prison Guard

Robert Catrini as Israeli President

Anthony A. Kung as North Korean Army Attaché

Timothy Bruns as Cobra

Raja Deka as Indian Expert

Elvin Yoshida as North Korean Carrier

Nathan Takashige as Young Storm Shadow

W. Dante Ha as Kim Jung's Nephew

Brittney Alger as Bartender #1

Andre Allemand as Insurgent

John L. Armijo as Cobra Trooper

Michael AvMen as Soldier

Beau Brasseaux as Cobra Storm Trooper

Tom Bubrig as White House Staffer

Chip Carriere as German Prison Guard

Augustus Cho as North Korean Leader

Joe Chrest as Chief of Staff

Joseph Cintron as Cobra Storm Trooper

Edward J. Clare as Diplomat

Edward R. Cox as Banquet Guest / Dancer

Cody Dickinson as Violinist

Annie May Gay as Red Ninja

Grant Goodman as First Kid

Gene Kevin Hames Jr. as Cobra Storm Trooper

Eric Hennig as German Prison Guard

Rey Hernandez as Cobra Secret Service

Geoffrey Howe as Cobra Trooper #3

Michael Howe as Cobra Trooper #2

James Ricker II as Technician

WBBrown II as Cobra storm trooper

Laura Muse Jackson as Soldier

Amin Joseph as Cobra Secret Sevice

John C. Klein as Gala Dignitary

Amy Le as Red Ninja

Cynthia LeBlanc as Banquet Guest

Elton LeBlanc as Dignatory

Joanna Leeds as White House Intern

Tiffany Lonsdale as British Expert

Ken Massey as COBRA Technician

Nadi as Indian President's Assistant

Ravi Naidu as Pakistani Advisor

Austin Naulty asCobra

Michael O'Regan as Banquet Guest

Jim Palmer as Clutch

Terrence Parks as Greeter

Catherine Kim Poon as Japanese peasant

James Rawlings as Cobra Secret Service

Carlos Retana Jr. as Cobra trooper

Shawn M. Richardz as Bartender

Michael Patrick Rogers as Cobra Storm Trooper

Shawn Sanz as India President Security

Andrew Serpas as Cobra Trooper

Seth Sieunarine as Soldier

Nicholas Simmons as Cobra Secret Service (uncredited)

Terry Lee Smith as Business Man

Lauren Thomas as Bar Maid

Dikran Tulaine as UK Leader

Adam Vernier as Weapons Officer

Stephen Daniel Wayne as Insurgent

Travis Wong as Cobra Ninja

Michael Wozniak as Lawyer

for more information “GI Joe 2 New Poster, Characters, Full Cast Members-OST”

Saint Vitus are one of the best and well-known of traditional doom metal bands. But don't assent to the phrase doom metal stop you from listening to their music: in fact they sound like Black Sabbath blended with Creddance Clearwater Revival, that is, typically seventies heavy metal with Southern Rock influence.

After almost seventeen years since their last record “Die Healing” in 1995, Saint Vitus returns with their eight studio album “Lillie: F-65”, due for release on April 27, 2012 via Season of Mist. Lillie: F-65 contains the following track list:

1.Let Them Fall

2.The Bleeding Ground


4.Blessed Night

5.The Waste of Time



Watch Saint Vitus "Blessed Night" Live

Saint Vitus were a much underrated group for their time. Some people loved them, and some reviled them. Sadly, the mediocre sound quality and production on their records never really meet their true power as an excellent rock band that developed into a massive influence in the doom-stoner rock scene of today. So when listening to their records you really need to surpass the raw primitive sonic qualities of the recording and go deep into the music itself in order to make out what wonderful music this is.

for more information “Saint Vitus Band Return with Lillie: F-65, tracklist”

I came across Enter Shikari on Maden NFL 08. It was an accidental encounter relating one of their tracks, but I instantly loved their music. While some may think the rock/electronics clash, I think it's a rather distinctive sound. The "rock" side delivers crushing guitars, while the keyboards give a great melodic undertone. I like their heavy guitars and drums that go nicely into harmonious and catchy choruses. I enjoy most of their tracks on their previous two CDs. This band isn't for everyone but they're a favorite of mine.

Enter Shikari will be releasing their third studio album “A Flash Flood of Colour” on January 16, 2012 via Ambush Reality, Hopeless. The new album will contain the following tracks:

Watch - Enter Shikari-Sssnakepit (Live)

enter Shikari,cd, audio, a flash flood of colour, songs, tracklist Complete tracks list:

1. "System..."

2. "...Meltdown"

3. "Sssnakepit"

4. "Search Party"

5. "Arguing with Thermometers"

6. "Stalemate"

7. "Gandhi Mate, Gandhi"

8. "Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here"

9. "Pack of Thieves"

10. "Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide"

11. "Constellations"

Total Lenght 42:29

Delux Edition

12. "Sssnakepit (Hamilton Remix)"

13. "Sssnakepit (Serial Killaz Remix)"

14. "Quelle Surprise"

for more information “Enter Shikari’s A Flash Flood of Colour tracklist”

The Maccabees have got to be one of the most underestimated bands of all time. I think 2009 was a great year for them. Their sophomore album was brilliantly written and proved their maturity as a band. I think they may be one of those "fine wine" bands- getting better and better with each successive release. As their debut album stays a favorite of mine, it was always going to be hard to follow but Wall of Arms does it for me. It's an appeal to say "all of them!" but most terrific have to be "Love you Better" and "No Kind Words". But, what makes The Maccabees such a great band is their talent to perform live- I have seen them several times and each time I have been blown away so if you ever get the chance to catch them live- do it! It's an unforgettable experience.

The Maccabees will be releasing their third studio album “Given to the Wild” on January 09, 2012 via Fiction. The CD contains thirteen tracks as listed below:

1. "Given to the Wild (Intro)" track length 2:11
2. "Child" 4:31
3. "Feel to Follow" 3:29
4. "Ayla" 3:47
5. "Glimmer" 4:03
6. "Forever I've Known" 5:21
7. "Heave" 4:24
8. "Pelican" 3:44
9. "Went Away" 3:38
10. "Go" 4:12
11. "Unknow" 5:07
12. "Slowly One" 4:17
13. "Grew up at Midnight" 4:00

for more information “The Maccabees’ Given to the Wild track list”

Tyler Bates composed the complete music for score for Chris Gorak’s upcoming Sci Fi film “The Darkest Hour”. The soundtrack CD was released on December 13, 2011 twelve days ahead of movie release date December 25, 2011 (US).

Complete Soundtrack

1. I Like That (Richard Vission and Static Revenger feat. Luciana)

2. Mockba (Moscow) (Marselle)

3. Space

4. Northern Lights

5. Night Club Attack

6. The Bridge Is Out

Darkest Hour Trailer

7. Crashed

8. They’re Inside

9. Now What?

10. Moscow Streets

11. Holy $h*t!

12. Here’s Our Mission

13. Dusted

14. Metro Shred

15. Say Goodbye

16. Man Overboard

17. Train Yard Battle

18. Fighting Back

19. Looking Forward

for more information “OST - Darkest Hour Music Score Composed by Tyler Bates”

After their gigantic sophomore, The Fray comes back three years later with their third studio album Scars & Stories, produced by Brendan O'Brien. The album contains twelve tracks and all of them were written by the band members. The first single off of the album “Heartbeat” was release in October. An up-tempo song inspired by their real life experiences. This song brings life back into the music industry. The Fray’s soothing guitar rhythms along with their stylish blend of rock and alternative it sure to make an impression. The lead singer’s voice no longer sounds like David Gray or John Mayer knockoff; he's really found his range this time around.

Live The Fray "Heartbeat"

Scars and Stories is scheduled for release on February 07, 2012 through Epic.

Complete Track List:

1. "Heartbeat"

2. "The Fighter"

3. "Turn Me On"

4. "Run for Your Life"

5. "The Wind"

6. "1961"

7. "I Can Barely Say"

8. "Munich"

9. "Here We Are"

10. "48 to Go"

11. "Rainy Zurich"

12. "Be Still"

buy, Amazon, the fray, release, scars and stories, new, album, cd, audio

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Hugo is an upcoming adventure film based on the bestselling book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick. The complete score to Hugo was composed by well-known composer Howard Shore, who also composed score for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Soundtrack to Hugo is scheduled for release on November 22, 2011, one day ahead of the movie release date.

hugo, 2011, movie, soundtrack, ost, howard shore Complete soundtrack:

1. The Thief

2. The Chase

3. The Clocks

4. Snowfall

5. Hugo’s Father

6. Ashes

7. The Station Inspector

8. Bookstore

9. The Movies

10. The Message

11. The Armoire

12. Purpose

13. The Plan

14. Trains

15. Papa Georges Made Movies

16. The Invention Of Dreams

17. A Ghost In The Station

18. A Train Arrives In The Station

19. The Magician

20. Coeur Volant, Zaz (Elizabeth Conoir, Isabelle Geffroy, Howard Shore)

21. Winding It Up

for more information “Hugo (2011) movie soundtrack (OST) by Howard Shore”

Rihanna has premiered her second single “You Da One”, from her upcoming fourth studio album “Talk That Talk” slated for release on November 21, 2011.

Rihanna You Da One Complete Lyrics

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love

Baby, I love you,
I need you here
Give me all the time
Baby we meant to be
You got me, smiling all the time

Cause you know how to give me that
You know how to pull me back
When I go runnin, runnin
Tryin' to get away from loving ya
You know how to love me hard
I won't lie, I'm falling hard
Yep, I'm falling for ya but there's nothin wrong with that

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is mine

Baby come,
tear me now,
hold me now
Make me come alive
You got the sweetest touch
I'm so happy,
you came in my life

Cause you know how to give me that
You know how to pull me back
When I go runnin, runnin
Tryin' to get away from loving ya
You know how to love me hard
I won't lie, I'm falling hard
Yep, I'm falling for ya but there's nothin wrong with that

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is mine

And Yes I'm kinda crazy,
That's what happens baby,
When you put it down
You should've give it to me
Good like that,
Should've hit it like that,
Had me yellin' like that
Didn't know you would've
had me coming back

You the one that I'm feeling
You the one that i'm loving
Ain't no other, that's like you
No there's just one, one, one
No baby just one, one
I bet you wanna know

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is mine

Rihanna You Da One

for more information “Rihanna premiered You Da One - Complete Lyrics”

Two years after release of her "Revolution," she looks like she still playing into her tough chick picture. At least that's what the album cover with Miranda leaving from a fiery car suggests. And in no doubt hits like "Fastest Girl in Town," "Look At Miss Ohio" and "Mama's Broken Heart" carry on to treat us with chronicles of her disobedience and manner. But she is not happy just stereotype herself. Somewhat, on album number 4, fittingly entitled "Four the Record," she covers a wide range of topics from cross dressing politicians to death of a loved one. If there is ever a country album that is spicy with small town chats this is it. Further, after she has passed up from the hard edged rock bite. This time round the CD has a more organic music that is more rootsy in its ballads while the barnburners have a more bluesy dance to them. Part of the genius of creating such a fascinating album is that she only constrained herself to writing or co-writing six songs, with the majority coming from Pistol Annie's Angaleena Presley, Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley, Brandi Carlile, Gillian Welch and Alison Moorer and other Nashville greats such as Luke Laird, Ashley Moore and hubby Blake Shelton.

miranda lambert, for the records, hurts to think, cd, album Here is the complete deluxe edition track list, which includes the song Hurts To Think:

1. "All Kinds of Kinds" by Don Henry, Phillip Coleman (track lenght 4:26)

2. "Fine Tune" by Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird (4:39)

3. "Fastest Girl in Town" by Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley (3:20)

4. "Safe" by Lambert (4:46)

5. "Mama's Broken Heart" by Kacey Musgraves, Shane McAnally, Brandy Clark (2:59)

6. "Dear Diamond" by Lambert (3:49)

7. "Same Old You" by Brandi Carlile (3:05)

8. "Baggage Claim" by Lambert, Hemby, Laird (3:18)

9. "Easy Living" by Lambert, Scotty Wray (2:45)

10. "Over You" by Lambert, Blake Shelton (4:15)

11. "Look at Miss Ohio" by David Rawlings, Gillian Welch (4:18)

12. "Better in the Long Run" (with Blake Shelton) by Ashley Monroe, Charles Kelley,
Gordie Sampson (3:34)

13. "Nobody's Fool" by Chris Stapleton (3:43)

14. "Oklahoma Sky" by Allison Moorer (4:46)

15. "Hurts to Think" (bonus track) (2:54)

Miranda Lambert - All Kinds Of Kinds

for more information “Miranda Lambert For the Records includes Track Hurts To Think”

Carole King has returned to the music scene with a new album “A Holiday Carole”. This is her seventieth studio album and first on in 10 years time. The first single off of the album titled "Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday" was released as a digital download. The album contains twelve songs and it’s scheduled for release on November 01, 2011.

She has had long absences in the past from recording. Hardly ever though does any artist hope to make a come back to the music scene after a ten-year break with a new set of recordings as strong and creative as the material found on "A Holiday Carole”.

Carole King, release, Holiday, Album, November Complete track listing

1."My Favorite Things" (Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers)

2."Carol of the Bells" (Mykola Leontovych)

3."Sleigh Ride" (Leroy Anderson and Mitchell Paris)

4."Christmas Paradise" (Louise Goffin, George Noriega and Jodi Marr)

5."Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday" (William Bell and Booker T. Jones)

6."Chanukah Prayer" (Traditional, Arrangement by Louise Goffin and Lee Curreri)

7."Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (Ralph Blane and Hugh Martin)

8."I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" (Irving Berlin)

9."Christmas in the Air" (Louise Goffin and Jodi Marr)

10."Do You Hear What I Hear" (Gloria Shayne and Noel Regney)

11."This Christmas" (Donny Hathaway and Nadine McKinnor)

12."New Year's Day" (Louise Goffin and Guy Chambers)

buy, Amazon, A Holiday Carole, Carole King

for more information “Carole King to release a Holiday Album in November”

British dance rock group Enter Shikari is back with their third studio album titled “A Flash Flood of Colour”, which is scheduled to be released on January 9, 2012 via Ambush Reality. A Flash Flood of Colour contains eleven tracks and the first promotional single titled Sssnakepit was released in September as digital download. The single peaked at number 01 on the UK Rock Chart.

It looks like most people accidentally encounter this band, as did I. The key to their success is melody. Their music is full of stunning melodies covered in rock/electronica sounds. I think it's a quite distinctive sound. The keyboards offer a nice melodic feeling while the "rock" side offers crushing guitars. I like their heavy guitars and drums that move nicely into melodic and catchy choruses. I personally enjoy most of their songs, and this band isn’t for every one but they're a favorite of mine.

Enter Shikari - Sssnakepit, Live

Enter Shikari, A Flash Flood of Colour, track, list, new, album, coverTrack listing for A Flash Flood of Colour:

1. "System..."

2. "...Meltdown"

3. "Sssnakepit" 3:26

4. "Search Party"

5. "Arguing With Thermometers"

6. "Stalemate"

7. "Gandhi Mate, Gandhi"

8. "Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here"

9. "Pack of Thieves"

10. "Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide"

11. "Constellations"

for more information “Enter Shikari: A Flash Flood of Colour track list”

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a forthcoming MMORPG video game based in the Star Wars universe. It is currently in development by BioWare Austin and will publish by Electronic Arts / LucasArts for Microsoft Windows. The game is scheduled for release on December 20, 2011.

SWTOR sets three hundred years following the actions in Knights of the Old Republic and the game will place gamers on either side of a huge combat among the Republic and the Empire. In SWTOR, gamers will discover an age thousands of years prior to the rise of Darth Vader when conflict among the Old Republic and the Sith Empire splits the galaxy. Gamers can select to play as Jedi, Sith, or a range of other classic Star Wars characters, defining their individual tale and deciding their trail down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way, gamers will assist brave friends who will brawl at their side or perhaps let down them, based on the gamers’ actions. Gamers can also select to unite with friends to clash rivals and conquer unbelievable challenges.

Wars, The Old Republic, SWTOR, system specs, image, pc, gameStar Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) System requirements

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000 or better / Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0 Ghz or better

Memory: At least 1.5 GB RAM for XP / 2 GB or better for Windows Vista/7

Graphics: ATI XT1800 or better / NVIDIA 7800 or better / Intel 4100 or better. 256 MB minimum video RAM, shader 3.0 or better fully compatible graphics card.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

DVD-ROM: 8x or better

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Game Features

buy, Amazon, star Wars, The Old Republic, SWTOR, pc, game

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