Breath of Hate is a drama / horror film currently in production. It is written by Wes Laurie and directed by Sean Cain. The film stars Ezra Buzzington as Hate, Jason Mewes as Ned, Lauren Walsh as Love, Jack Forcinito as Sonny, Monique Parent as Selma, Timothy Muskatell as Poot, Ricardo Gray as Cleb, Felissa Rose as Realtor, Alexis Zibolis as Jenna, Jeanine Daniels as Hailey, Trista Robinson as Tabbi, Ted Prior as Danton, Aramis Sartorio as Mike and Joanna Angel as Candy.

Movie synopsis: Love (Lauren Walsh) is a compensated companion searching to escape from her horrible trade, but sadly her last performance is for three weird cultists who have just runaway from a psychological hospital and are trawling for victims in a psychopathic binge.

Breath of Hate - teaser trailer

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Reel Fishing Paradise is a sports video game published by Natsume for Nintendo 3DS. In the game, gamers will take a trip to more than a dozen spectacular fishing locales in their mission to become master anglers.

They'll fish calm lakes, stony shores, flooded jungles, and more, all made in wonderful 3D that takes every leaping fish and splatter of water to life. A vast selection of fish will experiment the skill of even the most experienced fishing veterans, from cunning largemouth bass to commanding bluefin tuna. Gamers can mix and match rods, rolls, lines or entices to make their own tailored tackle box gathering odd items is both beneficial and addictive, with tons of mechanism to find out and utilize.

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The Cool Beans: We Need a Hit is an animated film, release date to be announced later. The film is written and directed by Patrick M. Walsh Jr.

Plot summery: The Cool Beans: We Need a Hit is set in a miniature world built of everyday substance from the human world assembled to resemble a little New York City. The tale follows two opponent groups, The Cool Beans and the Bad Seeds as they fight for a record agreement with Marigold Records headed by The Kernel. Following an unsuccessful side business selling kazoos, formerly inexorable Kernel who has not generated a hit record in 2 years finds himself sinking in debt and facing a hostile capture by Sammy "The Wing" Crowbono and his brag henchmen. The Kernel is met with the challenge that he have to locate the garden's next strike by the end of the day or lose power of his melodious kingdom that he built from the ground up. To make difficult matters, The Cool Bean's only master recording is stolen by The Bad Seedz to boost their own chances of getting signed by the Kernel's record label. With the end of the day fast approaching everyone desires to get their hands on The Cool Beans lost tape.

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is a rock musical show with music composed by Bono and The Edge, based on the Spider-Man comics created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and published by Marvel Comics. The album was released on June 14, 2011 by Island/Interscope/Universal.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Song, List, album, u2, Bono and The Edge List of songs available on the album are as follows:

1. "NY Debut (Instrumental)"

2. "Boy Falls From The Sky"

3. "Rise Above 1"

4. "Picture This"

5. "I Just Can't Walk Away (Say It Now)"

6. "Bouncing Off the Walls"

7. "Pull the Trigger"

8. "No More"

9. "DIY World"

10. "If The World Should End"

11. "Sinistereo"

12. "A Freak Like Me Needs Company"

13. "Rise Above 2"

14. "Turn Off The Dark"

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Paradise Beach 2: Around the World is a simulation video game developed and published by NevoSoft for Apple Macintosh computers. In Paradise Beach 2: Around the World, some time ago you coped to become the proprietor of a resort on a paradise beach. You were the designer behind stunning gardens, paths, beaches, and bars. Bare beaches came to life and were packed with lots of joyful travelers across the world to enjoy your man-made paradise. Now you’ve determined to work your way to the top and control the creation of the world's most beautiful beach resorts in Paradise Beach 2: Around the World.

Mac Minimum system requirements:

•Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Paradise Beach 2: Around the World game features:

•40 levels

•Eight various settings

•More than 7 hours of gameplay

•Two modes

•Lovely graphics and animations

•Unmatched number of buildings, decorations, and accessories

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Everybody Dance is music video game comprising of 40 dance hits from wide range of music genres with the use of PS Move motion controller and PS Eye camera to track and score move. In Everybody Dance, gamers can check their dance abilities with 3 hard levels, each featuring elite routines for every track created by well-known choreographers. Everybody Dance permits gamers to hit the floor solo style, join up with a 2nd player for a supportive Partner Routine, confront a friend to a spirited Dance clash, or utilize the Party Play mode where capable of twenty gamers can go head-to-head for the last dance-off. Gamers can also use Everybody Dance's Dance Class feature to build up their talents through comprehensive routine breakdowns and then take their game to the next stage by building original choreography utilizing the Dance Creator feature.

Everybody Dance Track List:

1. Amerie, 1 Thing
2. Barry White, You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
3. Basement Jaxx, Where’s Your Head At
4. Billy Idol with Generation X, Dancing with Myself
5. Bodyrockers, I Like The Way
6. Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting
7. CeCe Peniston, Finally
8. Chromeo, Night By Night
9. Dam-Funk, Hood Pass Intact
10. Deadmau5, Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)
11. Diana Ross , Upside Down
12. Duck Sauce, Barbra Streisand
13. Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed
14. Elton John, I’m Still Standing
15. Fatboy Slim, Praise You
16. Groove Armada, Superstylin’
17. Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand, Let Me Think About It
18. Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne, Down
19. Kool And The Gang, Get Down On It
20. Lady Gaga, Born This Way
21. LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem
22. M/A/R/R/S, Pump Up The Volume
23. Miami Sound Machine, Dr Beat
24. New Kids On The Block, You Got It (The Right Stuff)
25. Nicole Scherzinger, Don’t Hold Your Breath
26. Ok Go, Here It Goes Again
27. Outkast, The Way You Move
28. Puretone, Addicted To Bass
29. R. Kelly, Step In The Name of Love
30. Raphael Saadiq, Radio
31. Republica, Ready To Go
32. Rihanna, Rude Boy
33. SNAP!, The Power
34. Sublime, Santeria
35. The Chemical Brothers, Hey Boy Hey Girl
36. Tiesto v Diplo feat Busta Rhymes, C`Mon (Catch `Em By Surprise)
37. Tinie Tempah, Pass Out
38. Usher featuring Pitbull, DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
39. Usher featuring, OMG
40. Willow, Whip My Hair

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O-Games recently announced it’s upcoming dancing video game “Get Up and Dance” for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. The game is scheduled for release in Q4 2011.

Get Up and Dance is featuring songs from classic songs to present chart hits, with their videos. Find your buddies and start dancing as one or put in your individual dance off in Get Up And Dance's Party Mode. It features games that you’ll be able to take part in with up to eight friends, battling alongside each others groups with party games comprising of Party Mix, Last Man Standing & Tug of War.

The exclusive Group Mode is where you’ll be able to structure your individual dance team with up to 4 mates. You can boogie as either front or support dancer to team practices particularly choreographed for Get Up And Dance. It lets you dance and enjoy in a team or to compete in the skill rivalry, where you battle in ten rounds to see if you can find your way to the top!

Here is the confirmed track list:

"What You Waiting For" by Gwen Stefani

"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" by Black Kids

"Bulletproof" by La Roux

"The Promise (Girls Aloud song)" by Girls Aloud

"If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland and Katy Perry

"Poison" by Nicole Scherzinger

"Don't Cha" by Pussycat Dolls

"Down with the Trumpets" by Rizzle Kicks

"Come On Girl" by Taio Cruz

"Hollywood" by Marina and the Diamonds

"Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J song)" by Jessie J

"Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus

"Common People (song)" by Pulp

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Better Day is the upcoming 59th studio album by Dolly Parton. It is set to be released on June 28, 2011 through Dolly Records.

Better Day, track list, songs, Dolly Parton, new, album, cd Here is the complete track list:

1. "In the Meantime"

2. "Just Leaving"

3. "Missing You"

4. "Together You and I"

5. "Country Is"

6. "Holding Everything"

7. "The Sacrifice"

8. "I Just Might"

9. "Better Day"

10. "Shine Like the Sun"

11. "Get Out"

12. "Let Love Grow"

"Together You and I" Dolly Parton

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is an RPG video game published by Atlus for Nintendo 3DS, release date to be announced later.

In the game, Tokyo is in full lockdown, the government's swift, coldblooded response to a surprise demon invasion. While you and your friends must solve the nature of the interdimensional rift through which the horrific creatures are entering your world, saving the world is not your highest priority; staying alive, on the other hand, is.

Expanded and enhanced, Devil Survivor Overclocked for Nintendo 3DS builds upon the game's original release with the addition of voice acting for the entirety of the game's lengthy, unconventional narrative. Moreover, that very story, already boasting multiple endings based on critical decisions by the player, now concludes with a special eighth chapter, a rousing epilogue for Shin Megami Tensei fans. The game's beautifully remastered hand drawn artwork and character portraits benefit from the new system's higher resolution screens, offering players a crisper, higher fidelity experience.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked game video

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Dead or Alive Dimensions is a fighting game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo KOEI.

The game takes the vivacious characters and locales that have made the DOA franchise a hit with gamers everywhere and presents them in eye-popping 3D display. All of the punches, kicks, counters and grapples that have defined the series as a top-tier console and arcade fighter are present for the first time on a portable gaming system -- the Nintendo 3DS.

Dead or Alive Dimensions features some of the best content from the series spanning all of the titles from the original DOA up to DOA 4. Fans will be able to relive some of the classic rivalries, storylines and white-knuckle action from the best points in the DOA history. There's also a ton of new content, so even the most seasoned DOA fan will enjoy fresh material. Players will be able to play through several modes including Chronicle, Versus, Tag Survival Modes and more. They’ll also have a robust roster of more than 20 fighters and 15 stages to choose from, including two fighters who have never been playable until now.

Dead or Alive Dimensions gameplay demo

Dead or Alive Dimensions, nintendo, ds, game Dead or Alive Dimensions game features:

•DOA Evolved: Experience all the high-octane DOA action you know and love, in full 3D and ready to take on the go! This is DOA like you’ve never seen it.

•Danger Never Looked So Good: Experience the series’ trademark Danger Zones for the first time in full-on 3D. When you see your opponent go flying through a window right at you, you’ll know that DOA and 3D is a match made in heaven.

•Multiplayer Anywhere: When you’re done testing your chops against the CPU, take on a new challenge through multiplayer available through local Ad-Hoc matches or battle fighters from around the world through Wi-Fi.

•Fight Alone or Team Up: fans can now take on the world of DOA with a partner, so more experienced fighters can help newcomers learn the ropes first-hand. Team up with a friend online and play through Chronicle, Tag Survival or Versus Modes as a unit.

•The Comprehensive DOA Experience: Relive the DOA storyline, spanning from the original to the latest console installment of DOA 4. Chronicle Mode covers all of these storylines and more; filling in parts of the story that no DOA game has covered previously.

•A Championship Roster: Fight with fan favorites like Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate and Jann Lee from a roster of more than 20 DOA fighters. Fans will also be able to experience two new playable fighters, as well as new stages.

•A Fighter for Rookies or Pros: Also new to the series will be a "Tech Display", utilizing the second screen of the Nintendo 3DS. Character combos and move input commands will be listed on the Tech Display, reminiscent of arcade cabinets where moves are listed for quick reference.

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