Breath of Hate is a drama / horror film currently in production. It is written by Wes Laurie and directed by Sean Cain. The film stars Ezra Buzzington as Hate, Jason Mewes as Ned, Lauren Walsh as Love, Jack Forcinito as Sonny, Monique Parent as Selma, Timothy Muskatell as Poot, Ricardo Gray as Cleb, Felissa Rose as Realtor, Alexis Zibolis as Jenna, Jeanine Daniels as Hailey, Trista Robinson as Tabbi, Ted Prior as Danton, Aramis Sartorio as Mike and Joanna Angel as Candy.

Movie synopsis: Love (Lauren Walsh) is a compensated companion searching to escape from her horrible trade, but sadly her last performance is for three weird cultists who have just runaway from a psychological hospital and are trawling for victims in a psychopathic binge.

Breath of Hate - teaser trailer

Breath of Hate, movie, image


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