Richard Marx was one of the most talented musicians of the late eighties and early nineties. This compilation of his great hits truly lives up to its title as it comprises almost every big hit he had during his flourishing heyday. Melodious rock classics like "Endless Summer Nights", "One Thing Left", "Hazard" and his signature song "Right Here Waiting" are incorporated here beside the more aggressive singles such as "Should've Known Better" and "Satisfied".

CD features twelve songs, ten live plus two brand new studio songs, and DVD features twenty one songs.

Disc: 1

1. Endless Summer Nights

2. One Thing Left

3. Hazard

4. Through My Veins

5. When You Loved Me

6. This I Promise You with JC Chasez

7. The Letter with Hugh Jackman

8. Satisfied

9. Should've Known Better

10. Right Here Waiting

11. Over My Head

12. Wouldn't Let Me Love You

Richard Marx, A Night Out With Friends, cd, image, poster, front, cover Disc: 2

1. Endless Summer Nights

2. Keep Coming Back with Sara Niemietz

3. One Thing Left

4. Hazard

5. You're A God with Matt Scannell

6. Hold On To The Nights/Now & Forever

7. Always On Your Mind

8. Save Me

9. Through My Veins

10. Take This Heart

11. When You Love Me

12. Better Life

13. This I Promise You with JC Chasez

14. The Letter with Hugh Jackman

15. To Where You Are with Hugh Jackman

16. Angelia

17. Satisfied

18. Should've Known Better

19. The Way She Loves Me

20. Don't Mean Nothing

21. Right Here Waiting

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