I came across Enter Shikari on Maden NFL 08. It was an accidental encounter relating one of their tracks, but I instantly loved their music. While some may think the rock/electronics clash, I think it's a rather distinctive sound. The "rock" side delivers crushing guitars, while the keyboards give a great melodic undertone. I like their heavy guitars and drums that go nicely into harmonious and catchy choruses. I enjoy most of their tracks on their previous two CDs. This band isn't for everyone but they're a favorite of mine.

Enter Shikari will be releasing their third studio album “A Flash Flood of Colour” on January 16, 2012 via Ambush Reality, Hopeless. The new album will contain the following tracks:

Watch - Enter Shikari-Sssnakepit (Live)

enter Shikari,cd, audio, a flash flood of colour, songs, tracklist Complete tracks list:

1. "System..."

2. "...Meltdown"

3. "Sssnakepit"

4. "Search Party"

5. "Arguing with Thermometers"

6. "Stalemate"

7. "Gandhi Mate, Gandhi"

8. "Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here"

9. "Pack of Thieves"

10. "Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide"

11. "Constellations"

Total Lenght 42:29

Delux Edition

12. "Sssnakepit (Hamilton Remix)"

13. "Sssnakepit (Serial Killaz Remix)"

14. "Quelle Surprise"


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