Will Smith’s upcoming movie After Earth is currently filming in Costa Rica, Will and the director M. Night Shyamalan have been sharing some images from the set. The film follows a young man JA (played by Jaden Smith) and his alienated father whose spaceship crashes on Earth, 1000 years after it has been deserted by humans. The father, badly wounded from the crash, is detained by a residual Earth-dwelling colony, leaving his son to discover and rescue him on a planet that is now an outlandish and unsafe place.

The screenplay is written by Stephen Gaghan and Gary Whitta, and the soundtrack will compose by James Newton Howard, and the following actors will be starring in this movie.

will smith, jaden, after earth, new, movie, images, pictures

will smith,  after earth, new, movie, images, pictures

Will Smith

Isabelle Fuhrman

Zoe Isabella Kravitz

Jaden Smith

Sophie Okonedo

David Denman

Lincoln Lewis

Kristofer Hivju

Jon Douglas Rainey

Kimberly Villanova

Corey Brown

Gilbert Soto

Christopher Julius Wilson


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