After their gigantic sophomore, The Fray comes back three years later with their third studio album Scars & Stories, produced by Brendan O'Brien. The album contains twelve tracks and all of them were written by the band members. The first single off of the album “Heartbeat” was release in October. An up-tempo song inspired by their real life experiences. This song brings life back into the music industry. The Fray’s soothing guitar rhythms along with their stylish blend of rock and alternative it sure to make an impression. The lead singer’s voice no longer sounds like David Gray or John Mayer knockoff; he's really found his range this time around.

Live The Fray "Heartbeat"

Scars and Stories is scheduled for release on February 07, 2012 through Epic.

Complete Track List:

1. "Heartbeat"

2. "The Fighter"

3. "Turn Me On"

4. "Run for Your Life"

5. "The Wind"

6. "1961"

7. "I Can Barely Say"

8. "Munich"

9. "Here We Are"

10. "48 to Go"

11. "Rainy Zurich"

12. "Be Still"

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