First look at upcoming action video game Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is currently in development by Frontline Studios and is being published by Apogee Software, LLC, and Deep Silver. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will be the first of three games in a series called Duke Nukem Trilogy, whose other entries will be Chain Reaction and Proving Grounds. Each of the games will have a different setting in time. Critical Mass will be set in the future, Chain Reaction will be in the present day, and Proving Grounds will be set during World War 2.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass will have different gameplay modes for the DS and PSP. For the PSP, the game will largely be a third person shooter, with the camera trailing behind Duke Nukem as he moves through the level. On the DS, the game is mainly sidescroller. Both versions will feature multiplayer capability. The two versions will both have several additional gameplay modes, which will be different depending on the platform. The PSP version will, in addition to the standard third person action mode, have jetpack mode and cover-fire mode. Jetpack mode will allow Duke to fly through the environment while shooting at aliens with the jetpack's onboard guns. Cover fire mode allows Duke to take cover and blast enemies from behind walls or other objects at predetermined spots. The DS will have an even greater variety of gameplay styles in addition to its normal sidescrolling action. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, Sony, PSP These include jetpack mode, cover-fire mode, boss battle mode(which will be in a third person perspective with the camera behind Duke), and sniper mode, which Duke enters at certain locations in the game. There appears to be a variety of weapons, such as shotguns, pistols, and pipebombs. In the DS version, Duke is also seen using kick attacks on his enemies.

The game will be set in the future, and will feature gritty city streets and alleys, indoor areas, and many as of now unknown world locations. According to Apogee's official website, the game will be very expansive, with more than 30 levels across 9 world locations, which would make Critical Mass one of the largest Duke Nukem games to date. The images and videos released so far show fairly detailed levels filled with cars, railing, signs, complex scenery, and other objects.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass gameplay video

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