Urban Trials is a racing video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PSP), release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Tate Interactive.

The game brings players to abandoned districts of a city where speed, agility and ability to improvise are the key to massive scores. In this fast paced racing game, players will take control over three different types of trial bikes in order to set up unbeatable high scores over 15 completely outrageous tracks. Featuring the Ghost of best player's performance riding along, the game challenges the player to master the handling of the bike and take advantage of every slope and road bump on a track.

Urban Trials, game, psp, screen

Urban Trials game features:

•Fast paced motorcycle racing game that can pump up the player's adrenaline level just about everywhere thanks to PSP’s portability.

•Large amount of various obstacles ranging from physics based to predefined motion, avoid them or use them to gain additional torque

•3 different trial bikes to master and 15 different obstacle packed tracks

•Ghost of the best performance that adds up to the thrill of racing

•Stunning graphics pushing PSP system to its limits

•Online leaderboards access with use of the unique generated key codes

•Spectacular crashes based on ragdoll physics

•Challenging achievements


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