CardMon Hero is an RPG video game developed and published by Redbana for PC, release date to be announced late.

In the game, players will assemble a powerful deck of summoning cards to call upon mercenaries to aid the player in battle. Summoning cards may be found in the field or crafted with materials, each with a unique set of abilities customized to maximize the Hero's strengths. Heroes can specialize in melee, magic or conjuration depending on their fighting style, while mercenaries come in three flavors – the Tank with high HP and defense attributes, the Assaulter capable of dealing high damage, and Support which can heal allies and confuse enemies. Nearly all monsters you defeat in the game may be summoned as a mercenary, and knowing which mercenaries to summon and when is the key to battle in the Hero's quest to driving back the evil that has taken over the world of Aria.

Game features include:

•Persistent and open 3D world: Adventure through a massive and beautiful world filled with quests, creatures and enemies just waiting to be discovered.

•Quests without the grind: Complete quests by adventuring through numerous zones and maps that don't require players to grind. Level up through quests that Heroes can overcome on their own or challenging quests that will offer greater rewards with the cooperation of your friends.

•Extensive Hunting Mode: Join a party or band the guild to face strong monsters that yield unique rewards and rare items, scaling up in difficulty as you gain Mission Points.

•Unique battle strategy: Experience familiar game mechanics popular to MMOs while strategically creating, recruiting and customizing mercenaries to summon and aid you in battle.

•Endless Mercenaries: Discover new summoning cards, craft new mercenaries out of materials, upgrade mercenaries by combining cards with unique skill sets, and even recruit monsters that you encounter in Aria.

•Full customization: Create a Hero unique to your personality with selection of gender, faces, clothes, armor, weapons and shoes. Mix and match summoning cards to build out an army of mercenaries that complement your battling style and strategy.

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