Darkstar: The Interactive Movie is a science fiction video game developed by Parallax Studio for PC. The game features actor Clive Robertson(Sunset Beach), the entire original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000, animations by the prolific comic book artist Richard Corben, and the final work of the late actor Peter Graves who narrated the game. Darkstar will be first released on November 5, 2010 through Strategy First.

In the game, you are Captain John O'Neil of the Westwick. You awaken from a cryogenic sleep that has spanned a period of over 300 years. As a result of your abnormally long hibernation, you have no memory as to who you are, where you are, or why you are there. Beside you are three other sleep chambers. One is empty, the other is occupied by a beautiful woman, and in the final chamber lies the body of a man - 300 years dead and missing his left hand.

DARKSTAR - Backstory Trailer

Darkstar: The Interactive Movie, pc, game, box, art Your ship is damaged and helplessly adrift in the orbit of the ominous Theta Alpha III. An unknown crew member has deleted any data that provides an explanation as to why this is.

You know, despite the emptiness and desolation, that someone is in the cold silence waiting for you.

And, as if the day isn't bad enough, the Earth has been destroyed for three centuries.


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