Hudson Soft is bringing award-winning PC adventure video game to Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360, for 800 Microsoft Points. The game takes place in an ethereal world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur into an alternate world. Players take on the role of Faye, who wakes up from a strange dream only to find that her husband, Fidget, has been taken captive by the evil Fairy Queen of Dreams, Lilith, and must follow subtle clues to find her missing husband and escape from the mysterious sleeping spell that has taken over the town of Wish. "Dream Chronicles offers a challenging and visually stunning adventure that casual gamers and fans of the original version alike can lose themselves in," said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Digital Download at Hudson Entertainment. "Friends and families can play and solve the mystery together with co-op multiplayer, and the fresh 3D graphics offer a unique view of the magical story."

Solving the myriad traps and puzzles in Dream Chronicles will require sharp senses and keen skills. Lilith, who wants to steal Faye's husband away for herself, has mixed everything up and left things in disarray. With the guidance of Fidget's diary, you have to put everything back in its proper place in order to open many magic doors. Finally, after navigating their way through a maze of mysteries, players will search high and low for the solutions to puzzles and obstacles blocking their way across 18 fantastic locations and can even work with a friend, either online or offline, to unravel the mystery at the heart of the story.

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