Here is the complete track listing (songs) for the Iron and Wine’s upcoming fourth studion albumKiss Each Other Clean”, set for release on January 25, 2011 via Warner Bros., 4AD Records. The first track from the album, "Walking Far from Home," will be released on November 26 in CD single and 12" vinyl versions as part of a special Record Store Day Black Friday event. The album marks a further change in style. Speaking to SPIN magazine, Beam said “It’s more of a focused pop record. It sounds like the music people heard in their parent’s car growing up… that early-to-mid-’70s FM, radio-friendly music

Complete tracklist

1. Walking Far From Home

2. Me And Lazarus

3. Tree By The River

Iron and Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean, box, art 4. Monkeys Uptown

5. Half Moon

6. Rabbit Will Run

7. Godless Brother In Love

8. Big Burned Hand

9. Glad Man Singing

10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Live Iron and Wine "Half Moon"

Live Iron and Wine "Godless Brother in Love"


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