Here is the compete track listing for the Hitchin Dance Punk band My Passion’s upcoming second studion album Inside This Machine, set for release in 2011 via Style Suicide. The band released the track Seven Birds as a free download from their website in July 2010.

Complete tracklist:

1. "Asleep in the Asylum"

2. "Seven Birds"

3. "The Mess We Made of Our Lives"

4. "Come Back to Me"

5. "The Girl Who Lost Her Smile"

6. "In My Fever"

7. "The Guilty Light"

8. "Dance of Life"

9. "Lilly White Lies"

10. "My Confession"

11. "Cage"

12. "Shaking the Dead"

13. "A Secret Never to Be Told"

Music Video - My Passion "Asleep in the Asylum"

My Passion - Seven Birds Live


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