Hotel Giant 2 is a simulation video game developed by Enlight and published by SouthPeak Games / Nobilis for the PC (Microsoft Windows). Hotel Giant 2 is set to be released on January 26, 2010. The game sets gamers in the role of budding hotel managers as they pick locations, hire and assign staff, strike deals and make the strategic and day-to-day decisions needed to build and operate a world-renowned hotel property. Exotic locales and beautiful graphics offer a pleasant backdrop for the business simulation where room furnishing, pricing choices, vendor agreements and partnerships, management competence and staff allocation are just some of the many factors that will make or break would-be hoteliers.

Hotel Giant 2 game video:

Hotel Giant 2, video, gameHotel Giant 2 game features:

Finally, a management game that’s fun: be the author of your own success story by building a hotel empire.

A gripping life simulation with more than 800 different animations: watch your guests live and evolve freely in your hotels, wherever they are… and whatever they’re doing.

4 3D cities (Paris, Rome, Munich, & Los Angeles) where you can buy or build your hotels!

2 beautiful archipelagos with numerous islands on which to expand your empire.

26 different types of hotels according to quality, settings, and your personal criteria. Various facilities are available outside the hotel: from climbing walls to exquisite spas!

More than 1,500 items to create a unique hotel in the style of your choice (cosy, design,etc.)

System Requirements For Hotel Giant 2

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