Many Years have passed since the darkness of Damian’s armies was repelled and Damian was banished into another realm by man’s Demigod hero, the Divine. While men enjoy their first years of real peace, Damian breaks free from his bonds and returns to the world of Rivellon to take vengeance on who imprisoned him. To do so, Damian takes control of the minds of the world’s rarest and most powerful beings: the Dragon Knights, whom he unleashed on to the world. It is one of them who kills the Divine. With the dragons now on the side of evil, many young men and women of Rivellon have taken up the role of ridding the world of these dragons – they are known as Dragons Slayers. For more information about the video game, please visit: Divinity 2 Ego Draconis

The Minimum System Requirements For Divinity 2 Ego Draconis:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 9 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): 512 MB Geforce 8800 GTS or better
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Divinity 2 Ego Draconis game video:



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