Minigore, sony, psp, gameMinigore is an action video game developed and published by Mountain Sheep for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and iPhone /iPod Touch. Minigore for PSP is set to be released in December 2009. The game is all about John Gore, a little square fellow, who finds himself surrounded by the Furries – hairy, round creatures with particularly sharp teeth. Your mission is to defend John at all cost from these creatures. The Furries come in three shapes and sizes: the small Minifurry, the Furry, and the lamentable Giant Furry. But be warned — blasting a Giant Furry will split the creature into several Furries that, if destroyed will split into Minifurries. It's Russian Nesting Dolls with a vengeance. You control John with two virtual sticks; the left stick is for moving around and the right stick controls the shooting.

Minigore gameplay video



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