The Karate Kid is an action / drama film, directed by Harald Zwart and written by Michael Soccio. Cast: Jaden Smith as Dre Parker, Jackie Chan as Mr. Han and Taraji P. Henson. The Karate Kid is set to be released on June 11, 2010. In the movie, when a 12 year old from Detroit moves to China with his mother and incurs the wrath of the class bully at his new school, he makes an unlikely ally in the form of his ageing maintenance man, a kung fu master who teaches him the secrets to self-defense. Upon arriving at his new school, Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) develops a powerful crush on pretty classmate Mei Ying. The feeling is mutual, although the cultural divide between Dre and Mei Ying makes a friendship unlikely, and romance impossible. When cruel classmate and kung fu prodigy Cheng learns of Dre's feelings for Mei Ying, he harasses and humiliates the young outsider in front of the entire school.

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With no one to turn to for help, Dre confides his fears in kindly maintenance man Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a kung fu master who knows that serenity and maturity - not punches and power - are the true keys to mastering the martial arts. As Dre prepares to face down his intimidating tormentor, he begins to realize that the real fight is just beginning.

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  1. IT News Says,

    This film takes from what was done in the original film The Karate Kid (1984) and has nicely upgraded across the board, so this film more enjoyable and get improve in any aspect. Though many are saying better a previous version, the new Karate Kid is Well acted! Exciting! Inspiring! The audience reaction was very telling. I Watch Karate Kid 2010 in cinema, I can't remember such a loud applause at the end of a movie. Just really love this film.

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