The Mystery of Whiterock Castle is a puzzle adventure video game developed by Keen Studios and published by Playtainment for the Nintendo Wii. The game is available for download in Europe and Australia on 25th December 2009 through Nintendo WiiWare. In US The Mystery of Whiterock Castle will be available for download in 1st Quarter 2010. The game tells the tale of the desperate search of a young squire for his favorite playmate. The little princess has mysteriously vanished from her chambers. Among lovingly designed, hand-painted settings, players take on the role of the young squire, rummaging through numerous chambers and gloomy dungeons, equipped with a sword, a lantern, and a magnifying glass. While searching, the player will receive helpful hints from many peculiar characters featured in the amusing story. From cook to castle ghost – everyone is on our young hero's side, showing him the way through the royal residence.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle - Trailer

The Mystery Of Whiterock Castle, wii, nintendo, gameThe game principle of The Mystery of Whiterock Castle is deliberately designed to be suitable for children, and especially suited for young players and families. Hidden objects must be found and collected using the Wii Remote in ten different scenarios, alone, together, or competing against each other. The hand-painted objects are randomly shown and positioned in the levels, allowing for ever new challenging game constellations. Secret hiding places, bonus items, plus various multi-player modes and highscore lists help make the game a thoroughly entertaining pastime for the whole family.


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