First look at Dreamworks’ upcoming comedy filmFright Night”, set for release on October 7, 2011. It is a remake of the 1985 Tom Holland film of the same name. The screenplay is written by Marti Noxon and directed by Craig Gillespie, and stars Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandrige, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Evil Ed,Anton Yelchin as Charley Brewster, David Tennant as Peter Vincent, Toni Collette as Judy Brewster, Imogen Poots as Amy Peterson, Sandra Vergara as Ginger and Gabby West.

Movie synopsis: Charlie (Anton Yelchin) is a teen convinced that his new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Toni Collette plays the teen's disbelieving mom, who falls under the vampire's spell.

Peter Vincent (David Tennant) is a Las Vegas magician whose show revolves around horror-movie imagery. Vincent claims to be a vampire expert, but when the teen turns to him for assistance, he's less than helpful.

Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is Charlie's friend who feels slighted that Charlie has left his nerdy past behind and thus joins the vampire's coven.

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