Monster Feed is a strategy video game developed by Day Go By Entertainment for the Apple iPad. In Monster Feed, the monsters are hungry and ready to feed! It is your mission to use your towers and powerful spells to stop them from feeding on innocent animals. This task is by no means an easy one, but you have the powers to succeed! By clever use of your spells (and cunning strategy) you have to stop the unmerciful onslaught; this is no defense game for the faint of heart!

Players familiar with the genre will immediately feel comfortable playing Monster Feed, while introductory players will need a little more practice. The game has a built-in tutorial helping players of all skill- and experience-levels become acquainted with the game-play mechanics. Monster Feed is more action oriented than the majority of similar games currently available; it is a fixed-path style defense game where the monsters traverse down a designated path. Should they reach the end of the path a life is lost when the monsters eat an animal.

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Once you have chosen your hero you begin the game with 3 spells – spells that takes skill and wits to effectively utilize, and you also have a minion summon spell. Some spells knock monsters back, some stun them, and as the game progresses your hero will gain levels to rank up new spells, and the option to make existing spells stronger. Monsters have their own advantages too: for example, one monster will toss a bomb at you that you must tap to destroy; another may jump ahead on the path, sometimes bypassing larger sections quickly.

Monster Feed (HD) Features:

Different heroes with unique spells
Monsters have special abilities to cut through your defenses!
A brief and informative in-game tutorial
Large, scrollable and varied sized maps!
Endless hours of fun and addicting game-play

Monster Feed game video

Monster Feed (HD) for the Apple iPad is available on the App Store here:


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