Sky Legends is a flight simulation videogame for the Web, set for release in Q1 2011, the game is developed by Smart Bomb Interactive and published by UTV True Games. In the game, players will take flight in this unique browser-based game where they will fly customizable open cockpit era airplanes and battle other players in fast-paced multiplayer combat.

Influenced by FPS titles and based in a fictional fantasy world, Sky Legends will feature multiple factions to join or battle against as a work-for-hire mercenary that seeks to restore order to the world! The game's item shop will include hundreds of items to enhance the player's planes, weapons, and piloting skills, presented in numerous categories with exclusive items on offer. Airplanes in Sky Legends reflect the personalities and combat styles of their pilots; and with the diverse, fun art styles of three airplane classes to choose from and hundreds of possible enhancements, players will discover endless customization options.

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