Here is the complete track listing for the rock band Escape the Fat's third studio album “Escape the Fat”. This is the second album with vocalist Craig Mabbitt. It will be the band's first album released on Interscope Records following their departure from Epitaph. The new album is set for release on November 2, 2010.

Complete tracklisting:

1. "Choose Your Fate"

2. "Massacre"

3. "Issues"

4. "Zombie Dance"

5. "Gorgeous Nightmare"

Escape the Fate, new, album, box, art 6. "City of Sin"

7. "Day of Reckoning"

8. "Lost In Darkness"

9. "Prepare Your Weapon"

10. "World Around Me"

11. "The Aftermath (The Guillotine Part III)"

Deluxe Edition:

12. "Liars and Monsters"

13. "The Final Blow"

14. "Issues (Ruxpin Remix)"

Escape the Fate Day Of Reckoning - Live

Escape the Fate-Massacre - Live

Audio Escape the Fate "Issues"

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