The Garden of Eden is a drama film, set for release in the US on December 10, 2010. The film is directed by John Irvin and the screenplay is written by James Scott Linville based on the book by Ernest Hemingway, and stars Jack Huston as David Bourne, Mena Suvari as Catherine Bourne, Richard E. Grant as Colonel Philip Boyle, Caterina Murino as Marita, Carmen Maura as Madame Aurol and Matthew Modine as David's Father.

Movie synopsis: David Bourne (Jack Huston), a promising American novelist now living in Paris, meets the volatile and seductive Catherine (Mena Suvari) and immediately falls under her spell. After a whirlwind romance they set off for their honeymoon on the Cote d'Azur. David is increasingly distracted from his writing by Catherine's sexual liberation and erotic role-playing. As David struggles to control his emotions, Catherine raises the erotic tension by bringing David a "present" in the form of the sultry Marita (Caterina Murino), an Italian heiress, who provokes excitement and jealousy in both David and Catherine. As he becomes a pawn between the two manipulative women, David retreats into his writing, re-creating the story of his relationship with his father, a charismatic big-game hunter (Matthew Modine). As jealous as she is of Marita, Catherine is even more obsessively envious of David's success as a writer, especially if his stories do not involve her. Catherine becomes vindictive and her dangerous, erotic game-playing only serves to drive David into Marita's arms.

The Garden of Eden movie trailer

The Garden of Eden, movie, trailer


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