First look at Matthew McConaughey and Lindsay Lohan’s comedy film “The Dry Gulch Kid”, set for release in 2011. The film is written by Norman Macera and stars Willie Nelson as Lester Downs, Johnny Knoxville as Bobby Ryder, Lindsay Lohan as Lieutenant Peterson, Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and Kerry Wallum.

Movie synopsis: Lester Downs (Nelson) is a spinner of tall tales who keeps those around him intrigued with his stories of daring adventures and near escapes. In truth he has little in his past that is worth retelling and so he colors his dreary life with the fabrication of fantastic tales.

Many of these contrived exploits fall on deaf ears, but he has found one fan who entertains his fanciful delusions in his friend Bobby Ryder (Knoxville), a coworker at the mill.

Downs' incredible concoctions annoy some of his fellow workers. He and Ryder become involved in a skirmish that cost them both their jobs. It is at this point that Ryder questions the validity of Downs' inventions.

Yet the man has had one genuinely magical moment in his life, He once was a bit player as a cowboy in the early days of Western films. At this point Bobby is reluctant to buy into the tale, but he is convinced by Lester to journey to the old town where Downs once stood at the gates of stardom. It is here that Lester will live his greatest and most dangerous adventure.

"The Dry Gulch Kid," is a quixotic adventure comedy that takes a fantastic journey, blending the romantic heroism of the old west with the very real dangers of the modern world. On the trail our heroes will right wrongs, save damsels in distress, and ride into history, but keeping a low profile doesn't seem to fit into Lester's plans.

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