Vanishing on 7th Street is a horror-thriller film, release date to be announced later. The film is written by Anthony Jaswinski and directed by Brad Anderson, and stars Thandie Newton as Rosemary, Hayden Christensen as Luke, John Leguizamo as Paul, Taylor Groothuis as Briana, Jacob Latimore as James, P.J. Edwards as AMC Employee, Courtney Benjamin as Movie Watcher #1, Arthur Cartwright as The Security Guard, Jordan Trovillion as Concession Girl, Christina Benjamin as Movie Watcher #2, Shawntay Dalon as Vanished #2, Kyle Clarington as Vanishing Movie Theatre Goer, Pamela Croydon as Vanishing Pedestrian, Dennis Budziszewski as Movie theatre patron,Benjamin Brennan as Movie patron, Jennifer Lynn Bryant as Theater patron, Adam DeFilippi as Moviegoer, Dave Kilgore as Movie goer and Shana Schultz as Bar Patron.

Movie synopsis: The human race from a mysterious and seemingly global dimming is affected, the result is that countless numbers of people suddenly disappear, leaving only their clothes and belongings. A small group of survivors closes together and seeks shelter in a dimly lit pub in the 7th Street in order to escape the horror apocalypse. Gradually, the audience noted, however, that they are possibly even the last survivors on earth, no help comes and everyone is on their own surrounded by infinite darkness

Vanishing on 7th Street movie trailer


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