Here is the complete track listing for rock band Jimmy Eat World’s seventh studio album “Invented”, set for release on September 28, 2010 via Interscope Records. All songs were written and composed by Jimmy Eat World, and the new album was produced by Mark Trombino.

Invented complete tracklisting:

1. "Heart Is Hard to Find"

2. "My Best Theory"

3. "Evidence"

4. "Higher Devotion"

Jimmy Eat World, Invented, cd, box, art, audio 5. "Movielike"

6. "Coffee and Cigarettes"

7. "Stop"

8. "Littlething"

9. "Cut"

10. "Action Needs an Audience"

11. "Invented"

12. "Mixtape"

Deluxe Edition

"You & I"

"Coffee and Cigarettes (Acoustic Version)"

"Precision Auto"

"Anais (Demo Version)"

"Mixtape (Acoustic Version) [Pre Order Only]"

Audio - Jimmy Eat World "My Best Theory"

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