EnjoyUp Soccer is a sports video game for Nintendo Wii, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by EnjoyUp.

EnjoyUp Soccer is a funny soccer game that allows you a total control of any action of your team players: Control the ball, dribble and shoot with effect to confuse the goalkeeper and score a goal!

The ball has inertia and will move freely over the field. Show your ability to control it and make short and long passes. Choose the height, effect and power before shooting to the goal. Become a soccer master and make your rival defenders tremble!

Each country has its national team. You can create your own team with the in-game editor: give it the name you like, choose its equipment and the most important, play with your Mii´s saved on the Mii channel of your Nintendo Wii.

EnjoyUp Soccer gameplay video

EnjoyUp Soccer game features:

Free Control Ball, the ball has inertial free movement and you’ll need to control it first.

Total control of height, direction and effect in each pass and shoot you make.

Create your own teams using your Mii´s.

Play the World Cup!

Local Multiplayer option up to 4 players in cooperative or rival mode.

Choose any available National Team.


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