Knight's Rush is an action video game for Apple iPhone, developed by MoreGames Entertainment and published by Chillingo. In the game, players will discover new enemies, bosses, machines and traps for an epic, unforgettable adventure. Join the Horde and fight evil troops on your way to total domination! Slice enemies to pieces, cast spells, gain perks, crush and destroy for glory!

Knight's Rush game features:

EPIC SCALE: Slice your way through over FIFTY different types of enemy, including eight vicious Bosses, in over FORTY levels across EIGHT huge, vivid worlds! Dust off your halberd and tighten your greaves, because this legendary arcade slasher will have you smiting and vanquishing in no time!

EPIC HEROES: Play as one of THREE different heroes, each with a unique style, skill set and attributes, and tear through a compelling medieval world full of dangerous adversaries, dozens of different traps, and death creeping up around every corner! Stay on your toes to keep your head attached to your shoulders – and as you take down your foes, your hero will level up and gain new powers, cast new spells, and devise even nastier ways of slaying the bad guys!

Knight's Rush game video

WORLD DOMINATION: Secure your rise to power in the Campaign mode, leveling up, learning new abilities and gaining new weaponry. Earn Crystal Achievements for your worthy deeds, and hone your skills! Then if you can achieve mastery across the eight diverse worlds of the Campaign mode, it’s time to compete for High King of the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards, surpassing the performance of other Knights around the world! And for when you simply HAVE to destroy every last craven, cowardly dark knight you can see, boot up Super Endless Mode and redefine the word 'Epic'!


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