Rush Rush Rally Racing is a video game for Nintendo WiiWare, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Senile Team and published by Red Spot Games. Remember when video games used to be fun and challenging? Tired of spending your hard-earned money on glorified tech demos that spit a billion polygons at you in full HD, but fail to make you smile? Or are you just looking for a kick-ass multiplayer game? Whatever your reasons, it's time that you step up to Rush Rush Rally Racing! The beloved Sega Dreamcast Indie Game is now coming to Nintendo WiiWare! Grab your friends, because three multiplayer modes are calling you all in this retro racer for up to four players. With two new single player modes, redesigned menus and many other improvements such as GameCube and Classic Controller support, Rush Rush Rally Racing is even better than ever before!

Rush Rush Rally Racing game video

Rush Rush Rally Racing game features:

Single player Grand Prix mode with four difficulty levels

Single player Time Attack mode (new for WiiWare)

Single player Challenge mode (new for WiiWare)

Three multiplayer modes to enjoy with up to four players

Five race cars to choose from

10 Grand Prix race tracks

Nine additional multiplayer race tracks

Awesome soundtrack by Black Device

Supports Wii Remote, Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, and third party compatibles

Supports widescreen TVs

Configurable controls and many other options

Improved graphics compared to the Dreamcast version

Unlockable content


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