Triple Dog is a drama – thriller film, set for release in the US on September 10, 2010. The film is written by Barbara Marshall and directed by Pascal Franchot, and stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Avan Jogia, Janel Parrish, Brittany Robertson, Nolan Gerard Funk, Julia Maxwell, Alexia Fast, Valerie Tian, Emily Tennant, Richard Harmon, Brian Markinson, Sarah-Jane Redmond and Jill Morrison.

Movie synopsis: The popular girl, Eve, is having her 16th birthday slumber party when her best friend, attention hungry Chapin, arrives late and the party starts spinning out of control. Content to entertain themselves with facials and pedicures, tomboy Chapin suggests they play a game of dare called Triple Dog." The rules are simple--everyone gets a dare and gives a dare. Fail to perform a dare, and your head is shaved. Whoever performs the best Triple Dog Darea by the end of the night wins cash and the ultimate respect from their peers. At first the dares are mostly embarrassing but soon they become more and more dangerous as Chapin challenges each girl to take greater risks, soon taking it way too far.

Triple Dog movie trailer

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