Game Party: In Motion is a video game for Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and Xbox 360, set for release on November 24, 2010. The game is developed by FarSight Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

The game offers players full-body motion control of in-game or Xbox 360 Avatar characters, using the motion-sensing technology of Kinect for Xbox 360 in a collection of 16 games.

Game Party: In Motion lets players engage in true-to-life motions with games appealing to people of all ability levels, ranging from sports like Hoop Shoot and Darts to arcade and party games including Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more. Players mimic the actions and gestures of real-life activities allowing them to move their arms, legs or full bodies in natural motions to control the game.

Game Party: In Motion also allows players to challenge friends head-to-head online over Xbox LIVE. In addition to online gameplay, Game Party: In Motion offers integration with Facebook, including the ability to post in-game Achievements onto the player’s Facebook Wall and set automatic notifications to Facebook friends when they have started a game. With full Xbox 360 Avatar support, players can get even closer to the game by using their own likenesses.

Game Party: In Motion gameplay demo

Game Party: In Motion, xbox, box, art Game Party: In Motion features:

Play 16 family favorite games: Games include Darts, Hoop Shoot, Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more.

Fun, easy controls: Play games using natural arm and body motions, just like in real life using the motion sensing technology of Kinect for Xbox 360.

Multiplayer action on all games: Get together with friends and family to see who brings their A Game to the Party with up to 16 players in tournament mode.

Online play: Game Party: In Motion will support local and online head-to-head play for 2 to 4 players. 360 Avatar integration: Players can seamlessly use their 360 avatar as their in game character for Game

Party: In Motion. Additionally, personal best scores, unlocked items and tickets won are stored with the associated Xbox Profile.

Facebook integration: Publish Xbox Achievements on your Facebook Wall. Players can automatically notify their Facebook friends when they are playing online so they can join the party.

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