DoDonPachi Resurrection is a shooter video game for Apple iPhone, set for release in Q3 2010. The game is developed and published by Cave. This entry in Cave's long-running top-down shooter series boasts the same classic 2D top-down shooter gameplay, gigantic explosions, massive bosses, and an arcade-style long view. Once again, the DonPachi Corps is sending out to combat swarms of enemies. Players can choose to be one of a number of "Elemental Daughters" in the game, and there are a variety of gameplay systems including power-ups (weapons can be switched at a button press between Normal and Boost mode) as well as Hype-Counters and Laser

Two fully-featured game modes: iPhone Mode, an exclusive adaptation tailored to the iPhone/iPod touch portable format, and Arcade Mode a port of the arcade shooter classic.

DoDonPachi Resurrection game video

DoDonPachi Resurrection, iphone, game, iphone, applePractice Mode also included! Beginner and veteran shooters, practice up to beat your friend's scores!

Exclusive BGM added to iPhone Mode! Composed by sought-after young composer Kenichi Maeyamada, and game music veteran/hit producer Shoichiro Hirata!

Get whipped by the SM Scoring System, built specifically for iPhone Mode Shift between "S" SLAUGHTER, and "M" MENACE status as you smash your way through the world of "Resurrection". Welcome to maximum HIGH SCORE punishment!


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