Suck is a comedy film, set for release in the USA on September 02, 2010. The film is written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk and stars Rob Stefaniuk as Joey Winner, Jessica Paré as the beautiful Jennifer, Iggy Pop as Victor, a studio owner, Alice Cooper as a vampire, Malcolm McDowell as Eddie Van Helsing, Dave Foley as Jeff, Moby as Beef Bellows, Henry Rollins as Rockin' Roger, Alex Lifeson as the border guard, Paul Anthony as Tyler, Mike Lobel as Sam, Chris Ratz as Hugo, Dimitri Coats as Queeny, Carole Pope as the club manager and Calico Cooper as barmaid.

Suck movie synopsis: SUCK follows a down and out rock band, ironically known as The Winners, who are desperately seeking a record deal and will do anything to make it big. After a life-changing encounter with a notorious bloodsucker, they rocket to stardom only to discover that fame and fortune are not all they are cracked up to be. As their fanbase grows, the Winners soon find themselves stalked by creepy producers, wild groupies and the legendary vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsig. For these rockers, fame becomes a fate worse than death.

Suck movie trailer

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