The Hollywood Squares is a trivia video game published by Ludia for Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone, set for release on October 5, 2010. The Hollywood Squares game features all the favorite elements of the show as played on television, as two contestants play head-to-head in a bid to win money and prizes.

Nine open-faced cubes make up the tic-tac-toe style "board" for the game which are occupied by celebrities/TV personalities. The stars are asked questions and players judge whether their answers are true or false, all the while incorporating outrageous "zingers" and "bluffs" to fuel the fun. Each correct answer earns the player a square on the board, and the first player to mark three squares in a row wins the game. Additionally, the game incorporates bonus video of the funniest moments from the TV show.

The Hollywood Squares, wii, game, nintendo The Hollywood Squares game features

Single Player – Compete against the AI through 25 different shows with distinct opponents and increasing levels of difficulty.

Versus Mode – Go head-to-head against a live adversary.

Create a custom avatar, including body, face, hair, clothing and more!

5 celebrity Center Squares including Martin Mull, Kathy Griffin, Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Garett.

Hilarious video footage of celebrity Center Squares from the TV show incorporated into gameplay.

Unlock bonus items to reward progress in the game.

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