Shoot 1UP is a shooter video game developed and published by Mommy's Best Games for the Xbox 360. This shoot-em-up game poses the question: Why play shoot'em ups one ship at a time? Launch them all at once! Unleash an entire armada of ships in Shoot 1UP! Instead of stowing each 1UP you collect, each new ship becomes playable immediately, resulting in an ever-growing armada of destruction! With your home world ruined, lead your detached battalion's charge by destroying the mechanical-tentacle hybrid forces responsible for your pain.

Shoot 1UP Xbox 360 Gameplay - Level 2 Boss

Shoot 1UP Xbox 360 Gameplay - Level 3 Boss

Shoot 1UP game features:

1UPs instantly enter the action!

Command over 30 ships at the SAME TIME!

2 player co-op (with jump-in, jump-out accessibility) lets two players on a couch go crazy over 60 simultaneous player ship insanity!

Weapons upgrade as you collect more ships (And downgrade when you lose them so stay sharp!)

Shoot 1UP, video, game, xboxSacrifice ships for a bullet-vaporizing bomb which increases in power the more ships you've collected!

Manic Shooting without all the wailing and gnashing of teeth -- don't worry, even "normal gamers" can actually enjoy this!

Hardcore? Jump into the action several waves in for thumb-twisting difficulty!


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