EveningStar is an action video game developed and published by Divine Robot for iPhone and iPod Touch. EveningStar was released on January 25, 2010. In the game, underground puzzles, unexplored worlds, fierce attacks of savage monsters, 9 thrilling levels to survive, a completely unique weapon, live physical forces and even more exciting features await iPhone owners when they download Eveningstar.

EveningStar game video

EveningStar, video, game, iphoneEveningStar game features:

9 unique thrilling levels filled with hordes of daunting monsters to withstand

Superb graphics and innovative tactile control system

Unique Eveningstar weapon abiding the laws of physics

100+ deadly enemies

Live physical forces, underground puzzles, submerged physics and more

Sci-fi Bash, Crash & Smash

For more information please visit www.divinerobot.com


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