The Legend of Kay is an action / adventure video game published by DreamCatcher Interactive / JoWooD Entertainment AG for the Nintendo DS. The Legend of Kay is set to be released on January 26, 2010. In the game, join Kay, the feline hero from the mythical island of Yenching in the Chinese Sea, on a quest to protect his home and township from the king of the mighty gorillas, Emperor Shun. The journey takes him across the vast island of Yenching where incredible secrets lie, waiting to be uncovered. Lush and highly detailed worlds await: woodlands, swamps, caves, mountain tops, and coastlines create a living and breathing world. With 30 different enemies to conquer, The Legend of Kay offers 75 unique fighting moves and three different weapons to fight with.

The Legend of Kay game video:

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The Legend of Kay game features:

Jump and Run fun with an emphasis on puzzle solving and collecting to be suitable for the whole family.

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