Silas is a racing video game published by Exalt Studios Inc for the PC. Silas is set to be released in May 20, 2010. In the game, Silas is the name of the planet the game takes place on and around. There are many different characters and creatures from this planet and others. In the fast paced gameplay you will discover many unique weapons and possibilities to win the races. There is also a great deal of gameplay options, customizability and modes beyond racing. See below for some of the key features.

Silas game video:

Silas game features:

Fast paced gameplay - Reach intense speeds while still maintaining great maneuverability. This allows a unique blend of fast racing and "twitch" based gameplay not seen in previous kart racing titles. Alongside powerslides, jumps, and boosts are the added abilities to strafe, use jump pads, and many new mid air techniques. With up to 8 karts in a race or battle, things can become intense very quickly.

Silas, pc, video, game18 Weapons, 32 Different Functions - A large arsenal of weapons is at your command, amounting to a great deal of carnage throughout each race. Each weapon has 2 unique functions suited for different situations. There are 2 classifications of weapons, projectile based and turret based. The turret based weapons utilize a lock-on system never seen in racing games before, allowing a seamless experience between racing and targeting. There are also a few unique weapons designed specifically for the battle modes.

Customizability - The game has the ability to be customized to your liking in many ways. From the HUD, laps, A.I, karts, characters, and profiles there is a great deal of options to tailor the game the way you want it to be. There are more than 12 characters and karts in Silas, each with their own unique attributes.

Multiple Gameplay Modes - Racing is not the only option, infact, mutliplayer is also set as a key feature. Whether you enjoy CTF(Capture the flag), CTP(Capture the Pipes), or good old fashioned battle mode, Silas will deliver. Of course, there is a wide range of racing, and mission based modes as well. Including kart racing staples such as the GrandPrix and Time Trail modes.

Online Gameplay - Offering a great online experience, you can race or battle with your friends around the world, or in your own home. Create a profile and become the no.1 racer or fighter across the globe. With stats tracking for races won, frags, positions, and much more. Other types of online support include the ability to add your score from different modes to a leader board.

Innovative Ground-Air Features - Silas contains many unique gameplay styles, such as the ground-air combat in the multiplayer modes. Take the battle to the skies with the new flight powerups, or bring down anyone in the air using the unique instant turret functions of the weapons. The weapons are all very well thought out, and have many diverse relationships with eachother. This allows the player to develop many different strategies to win,

20 Diverse Worlds - The racetracks, arenas, and other locals within Silas offer you an amazing assortment of challenges and opportunities. Designed for great gameplay before any major graphics work is done on them, they offer both and immersive experience and a great sense of flow. Since this is a fantasy game with a sci-fi edge, the worlds range anywhere from snow, to deserts, to space, to the unknown.

Experience Great Visuals - The style and quality of the graphics remain persistent throughout the game. Offering many great features such as reflective/refractive water, glass, volumetric clouds, DOF, HDR, normalmapping, shadowmapping, postprocessing effects, dynamic weather, dynamic lighting, and realistic vegetation. Along with the various effects and unique visual style, the worlds come to life in a very imaginative way. Silas is on the cutting edge, and is leading the way in its genre.


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