I saw the remake of My Bloody Valentine in 3-D a couple of weeks ago and I must say the remake was not necessary. Even though I enjoyed parts of the remake, the added gore has a sort of grindhouse look, as they are grainy but still viewable.

The movie centers around a crazed miner who returns to haunt a small mining town in Canada twenty years after an accident on Valentine's Day nearly killed him. It seems he and a few others were trapped in a coal mine while the rest of the town was attending a big Valentine's Day dance which had been a tradition for over 100 years. The town is called Valentine Bluffs, for Pete's sake! Anyway, this miner known as "Harry Warden" was buried in the mine for six weeks following an explosion caused by the failure of two supervisors to check the methane gas levels in the mine shaft. It seems the My Bloody Valentine, Review  supervisors were a little too anxious to get to that dance and forgot to make sure Harry and the others were safely out. Harry Warden was the only survivor and apparently had to feast on the dead bodies of the other miners until he was rescued. Needless to say after that ordeal, Harry had to be committed to a mental hospital. But one year later, on Valentine's Day, Harry Warden broke out of the looney bin and came back to Valentine Bluffs to seek some revenge. He killed the two supervisors and stuffed their hearts in heart-shaped candy boxes and left them at the dance with a warning attached. The citizens of Valentine Bluffs do as all horror film characters do and disregard the warning, finding themselves getting slaughtered one by one as Warden envokes his revenge.

Made during a time when the slasher film was really starting to display box office power (first Halloween, then Friday the 13th, and so on with the holiday-themed slashers). The characters were pretty strong here, the killing done with a pick axe is a nice variant to the standard knife. This was well done, a good story and some truly shocking gore scenes.

Overall, this flick does have some merit. In fact, I would argue that this film is the greatest Valentine's Day movie of all-time.

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