Personal Fitness For Men is a simulation video game published by Conspiracy Entertainment for the Nintendo DS. Personal Fitness For Women is set to be release on January 26, 2010. In the game, Benefit from a high intensity workout no matter where you're at with Personal Fitness. Choose from pre-defined training schedules or build a unique custom workout as your personal fitness coach leads you through physical training and education. The training schedules tailored towards your fitness goals will help to ensure you reach and maintain your fitness goals. Specialized training schedules such like "Six-Pack of Steel" for the men and "30 Minutes for Beauty" for the women are just a sample of what awaits you in your journey to good health.

Personal Fitness For Women game video:

Personal Fitness For Women, ds, video, gamePersonal Fitness For Personal Fitness For Women:

20 training schedules for players to choose from that appear in both Men and Women versions.

The women's version of Personal Fitness contains 30 additional training schedules not found in the Men's version, which focus on female-centric fitness.

Varying calculation of the calorie requirements in the men and women version due to the gender-related physiological differences.

Nutrition plans that include healthy recipes for all meals of the day.

Personal Fitness For Men

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  1. Unknown Says,

    Personal fitness is very important for the both men and women! I will say about it that it is very good service and helpful for the Personal Fitness!
    Personal Fitness Advice

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