Notting Hill is a romantic comedy film directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Curtis, and starring : Julia Roberts as Anna Scott, Hugh Grant as William Thacker, Emma Chambers as Honey Thacker, Hugh Bonneville as Bernie, Rhys Ifans as Spike, Tim McInnerny as Max, Gina McKee as Bella and James Dreyfus as Martin.

In the movie, William Thacker is an English Man living in Notting Hill. He runs a travel bookstore. He has some friends and his sister, but since his wife left him for a man he claims looks exactly like Harrison Ford his life has been boring. Then one day things start to change. Anna Scott just happens to be in London doing a movie and stops into Williams’s bookstore to look around. Bumbling William accidently spills orange juice all over Anna's shirt. She goes to his flat, and there is where the romance starts. Unfortunately, Anna's famous Hollywood boyfriend (Alec Baldwin in a cameo role) comes to town and spoils everything before Anna and William can get their relationship off the ground. Months go by and William doesn't hear a word from Anna until she appears on his doorstep one day looking to hide from the paparazzi, which is obsessing over some scandalous photos of Anna that were recently made public.

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Notting Hill, movie, reviewBeing the kindhearted chap that he is, William lets Anna stay with him and their relationship picks up right where it left off. Then a media circus causes Anna to fly off the handle, and she treats William like crap and breaks his heart again. William tries to forget all about "the American," but he can't manage to move past his feelings for her. A lot of time passes (and the audience is treated to an awesome scene that shows William strolling through Notting Hill as the seasons change around him). Anna returns to London again, and William decides to give their relationship one more chance. He visits Anna on the set of her latest film and she hurts him yet again! In spite of all this, though, the film manages to wrap up with a very happy ending, which is romantic and wonderful.

Overall, this film is one of Julia's best works. She and Hugh Grant display very good chemistry on screen, and make the film very enjoyable. The music in the film is perfectly placed, and the actors and actresses come off as quite believable in all aspects. A definitely recommended movie for any occasion- an especially good date movie.

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