Bass Ackwards is an adventure film directed by Linas Phillips and starring: Linas Phillips as Linas, Davie-Blue as Georgia, Jim Fletcher as Jim and Alex Karpovsky as Vlad. Bass Ackwards is a captivating and consummately human film that reminds us that whatever we think the road is about; the trip is probably about something else. Alternating between scripted action, improvisation, and the unpredictable spontaneity of vérité encounters, the film is the semi- autobiographical story of Linas Phillips, who stars as well as directs. Born of the imagination of Linas and his easy collaboration with old friends, costars, and co-conspirators Davie-Blue, Jim Fletcher, Paul Lazar, and Sean Porter, the film effortlessly and organically crosses the line between reality and fiction, incorporating the people and characters that Linas meets on an unscripted and adventurous ride across America.

Bass Ackwards movie trailer:

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