Star Trek Online (Collector's Edition) is a RPG video game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Atari for the PC (Microsoft Windows). Star Trek Online (Collector's Edition) is set to be released on February 2, 2010. In the game, set in the year 2409, Star Trek Online allows players to immerse themselves in the future of the Star Trek universe, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations in an ever expanding vast universe. Command a starship as a Federation or a Klingon Captain, outfit it with custom systems and recruit, train and mold a crew into an elite force for exploration and combat. Missions take players into thrilling space battle, planetside for face-to-face combat and even inside starships.

Star Trek Online game video:

Available for a limited time only, the Collector's Edition of Star Trek Online contains exclusive content, collectibles and game access. Featured items include special in-game bonus items, a deluxe manual with artbook, a cast-metal Communicator Badge and more.

Star Trek Online (Collector's Edition) game features:

Star Trek Online, video, game, pcBeloved Universe: Fans new and old can experience adventure in the future of the Star Trek Universe by becoming a warrior in the Klingon Empire or by joining the Federation’s esteemed Starfleet where you’ll be able to explore a never-before-seen, completely interactive Star Trek Universe.

You Are The Captain: Channel your inner Captain Kirk and command your own starship throughout the universe! Gamers can also recruit, train and command their own computer-controlled crew.

Ultimate Discovery: Players can navigate their own starship through endless depths of space, exploring strange new worlds. Experience beaming down with your away team to alien planets, meeting well known and unique races.

Total Customization: Every ship players command can be customized, from its color to its construction. Anyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online, as well as design the look of their avatar’s uniform.

Collector's Edition - Deluxe Packaging: Futuristic 3dX holography set in a high quality brushed aluminum finish. Heavy duty construction with magnetic closures and nested compartments for all components.

Collector's Edition - Deluxe Manual: High-end, hardbound, art book, manual and disc case in a single, elegant package. “HD Printing” on over 40 glossy pages highlights exclusive art from the Star Trek Online universe.

Collector's Edition - Communicator Badge: High-quality cast-metal design based on the in-game badge model. Fully 3D sculpted with recessed burst and curved contours.

Collector's Edition - Guest Passes: Credit card style buddy passes to invite three of your friends for a three-day trial of Star Trek Online. Codes can be transmitted digitally or physically.

Collector's Edition - Red Matter Capacitor (in-game item): A unique item that charges up and delivers extra energy to all of your ship’s equipment for a short time.

Collector's Edition - Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform (in-game item): Uniform Options from The Next Generation Series. The timeless look worn by Picard, Data and Riker.

Collector's Edition - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Uniform (in-game item): Uniform Options from the Deep Space Nine Series. Gray shoulders on a black uniform, just like Sisko, Worf and Dax.

System Requirements For Star Trek Online (Collector's Edition)

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